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  • When: 07-19-16
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  • QIC: Outhouse
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  • PAX: Edison, Floppy, Disk, Tool Time, Ringo, Blart, Ashbone, Deaf Leopard, Billy Madison, Freight

First attempt at an afternoon Q.  On the drive over as I noticed 96 deg on the dash I though I had made a big mistake. Got there a little early to do some recon and get set up.

We had 10 strong on this hot afternoon for what would be a partner themed workout .

First the warm up

SSH, High Knees, Moroccan Night Club, Merkins

Mosey over to far side by the soccer fields.

HAs left a pile of bricks and some cones to get the beat down started.

First partner up and size matters.

Partner one runs left 20 yards  and out about 50 yards Partner 2 begins to bear crawl to the left. When 1 reaches far corner sprint diagonal across field to catch 2. when caught partner carry back to the start. Flip Flop and repeat.

Next 4 round are all performed with brick in each hand on both exercises

Round 1

American Hammer (200 per group) Karaoke to cone and back switch till 200 is reached

Pistol Squats (200 per group) Duck Walk to cone and back

Tricep Ext (200 per group) Apolo Ohno to cone and back

Bent over Fly (200) Bear Crawl no bricks to cone and back

Finish here with Iron Hulk cousin to Jack Web

with bricks 1Merkin/1air press ascending up to 10 (a lot harder than it looks)

Out of time we had a long mosey back to Flag for Pledge and COT.

Prayer Request  Scott Pasour and family, Jeff Payne , Our Country

As always it was a pleasure to lead. Defiantly much harder in the heat of the day. Big push from all to make it through. Thank you for the opportunity to lead.