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  • When: 07/06/2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: Bandit
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: T-Square, Squirt, EZ Rider, Sargento, JJ, Dr. Feelgood, Stroganoff, Hush Puppy (Lost Sheep), Flintstone (Lost Sheep), Spiderman (Lost Sheep), Bandit (QIC)

As the PAX gathered this morning there was some mumble chatter overheard regarding light attendance, possibly due to vacations. Or perhaps this week, Tuesday just felt more like Monday as many PAX were still counting sheep in their sheets. Was this going to carry over all week? Some usual participants were conspicuously missing. While the faithful finished up their minimal stretching activity, YHC called one-minute to go. Short disclaimer, skip warmup, off we go…

So we run to traffic light at Union Road and back to Old Glory at Sterling Bank for the Pledge of Allegiance. On the way we pick up 3 lost sheep. After the Pledge we continue our mosey to the Martha River’s parking lot. Under the lights and heavy humidity we work out 3 rounds of Mericans x10 IC, Toy Soliders x10 IC, Low Slow Squats x10 IC, and 8-Count Body Builders x10 IN CADENCE (t-claps on the counting Dr. Feelgood)! Sargento…. your welcome for the Mericans. Anytime baby!

Next we continue our cardio beat down with a run to pavilion for 3 rounds of Dips x10 IC and Step Ups x20 IC.

Before we could fully catch a breath, we make way to the lower fields for Four Corners (NOPE!). Just some Side-Plank Leg-Lifts (left leg x4 IC, right leg x4 IC) and Dying Cockroaches (x 10 IC). Then tracing our path backwards, we rendezvous back in the parking lot.

The next exercise was the Merican Suicide Ladder… 3 2 rounds of five 35-yard sprints with 6 Merican’s at the far end. For the second round we climbed down the ladder to 5 Merican’s at far end.

As YHC was keeping track of time, we started our last run back towards Snoballs. Oh, nice to see you Mrs. Bumgarner (or as Stroganoff yelled as we passed the future FIAs of Gastonia… “Hello Tracy!”). Half way back we pause for 3 rounds of Dericans x10, x10, x7 IC. Finally we complete our mosey back to Snoballs for a 4 minute round of People’s Choice Mary.

Total distance today… 1.6 miles. Total resting time – pretty much none. Great work by all!

Prayer Requests: Please keep T-Square in prayers as he and his family start down a difficult path after the loss of his step-daughter one week ago. Also, keep Stroganoff and his family (especially his M, Janet) in your prayers as his father-in-law recently started home hospice care.

I am grateful for all F3 has given me. Let us all remember the Quote of the Week: “Be fervent in spirit… Rejoicing in hope… Given to hospitality.” Romans 12:11-13