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  • When: 07/07/16
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  • QIC: Huckleberry
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  • PAX: Roadie, Gomer, Makotos, Garfield, Sparky

6 men entered the gloom this morning for Folsom’s first merkin mania.  YHC wanted a #22 kill inspired workout to honor American veterans.  good conversation beforehand with Roadie about the fellowship being the glue that keeps us together.  5:30 hits, let’s get it.

mosey to the lower parking lot for the warmups. happy jacks x 20IC, imperial walkers, hillbillies and lbc x 15IC.

the thang

start with the merkin mile. 22 merkins, run a lap.  22 merkins, run a lap.  22 merkins, run a lap.  aaaaaaaand 22 merkins,  run a lap. mountain climbers till the 6 arrived.

next we started at the bottom of the parking lot and bear crawled to the first parking spot,  1 merkin.  bear crawl to the 2nd, 2 merkins.  continue up to the 10th, with 10 merkins. once we completed the 10th, drop for 22 merkins.

mosey down to the amphitheater.  22 rocky balboas, 22 donkey kicks, ascending testicles and 22 wall assisted crunches. drop for 22 merkins.  it was at this point Roadie politely told YHC he was about to 22 butt kickins.

undeterred, rinse and repeat.  22 rocky balboas, 22 donkey kicks,  ascending testicles and 22 wall assisted crutches.  drop for 22 merkins.

mosey up to the playground for 22, scratch that, 15 pull-ups.

back to the tennis court parking lot.  YHC has 2 go to exercises. the ascending testicles and… the ring of fire.  circle up for a 22 merkin ring of fire. then, 10 burpees OYO. high knees to the end of the parking lot and back,  butt kickers to the end and back and a sprint to the end and back. Roadie wants 22 lbcs. ask and ye shall receive. on your 6, men.  ended with the 22 lbcs.  time is up.

circle up for the COT.  announcement: Garfield’s son is raising money for a state baseball tournament. the idea is his 2.0 will Q next week and we’ll donate afterwards.  Prayer requests: each other,  the family of olive at F3 Isotope with the loss of his child.  read the back blast about it and donate, contribute it you can.  BOM: YHC took us out.

moleskin: it’s an honor to get another opportunity to Q. 4 months ago I would have never thought that not only would I get up at 4:30 to workout, but even less likely, I’d Q a workout. appreciate you guys allowing me to do so.  way to work today, men.  until next time.

Philippians 4:13