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  • When: 07/27/16
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  • QIC: Monk
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  • PAX: 7 PAX = Spiderman, Easy Rider, Monk, Hushpuppy, Madoff, Rudolf, Squirt

I told the PAX that I had not attended a workout in several days, was FULL o’ piss & vinegar, and hoped they were too. Mixed response. Attitudes improved gradually over the next 45 minutes, despite running and burpees, which I had promised NOT to include. Some apparently had believed this. :-O

Disclaimer. Pledge. Word o’ the week.

Warmup: SSH, Moroccans, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Newton’s Cradle, Mtn Climbers, Rocky Balboa, Monkey Humpers, Dying Cockroach


Mosey to P Lot, where we did that thing where we line up along a parking space and trace the parking lot lines. Think Konga Line only dumber! Forgot what it’s called. It’s in my last backblast.

Burpees! 5X.

Mike Tysons! 5X, a new exercise for this PAX. Look it up.

11’s with Mike Tysons & LBCs, bringing GROANS OF GRATITUDE from the PAX.

Mosey to picnic table for Dips

Indian Run. After this run, I was ready for BOMBS but shocked! shocked! to discover that it was already 6:05am! So we settled for Blueberry Bojangles Biscuit (for Whoopie), 3 laps.

Mosey back at Snoballs, arriving at 6:15.

Announcements: Hushpuppy has 3rdF Q this week. 06:30 Saturday.

A pleasure to lead such a fine group! Monk