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  • When: 07/30/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Gumby
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Gumby, Redskin, Sparky, Gomer

2 men posted at Folsom this morning. Ahh who’s that coming in hot? Sparky’s here just in time, and right behind him driving like Bo Duke, Gomer is coming in even hotter. Now that everyone is here let’s get this started. Now 4 men strong this morning, good even number for the first set of exercises. No FNG’s so a short discaimer and start the warmup.


SSH, Windmills, Hillbilly’s, and Cherry Picker’s all x15 IC.



Mosey to the tennis courts for Dora 123, Partner up and do 100 merkins, 200 lbc’s, and 300 squat’s. 1 person sprinting to the 3’rd light pole and the other exercising. Aggregate count. Dora’s done and now we mosey to the favorite Folsom Hill.  Here we run down the hill and do 10 CDD’s  at the bottom, Bernie Sander’s back to top with 10 wide leg situps at the top for 3 set’s OYO. Mosey to the shelter at bottom of parking lot. 2 set’s of dips, stepups, and derkins x15 IC. Next we hit the parking lot for a halftime show of Roadies Touchdown Beatdown (Thank’s Roadie). It’s been nearly 30 days since we performed this set of exercises that we are going to revisit in another 30 days for a little friendly competition for the Folsom Trophy. Every 10 yards we do a set of exercises corresponding to the yardline you are at. 10yd = 10 CDD’s , 20yd=20 squat’s, 30yds=30 merkins,  40yds=40 lunge’s, 50yds=50 lbc’s, and back down the corresponding yard markers with the same exercises and count all the way to the 100yd line. Time is nearly up so we mosey to the starting point for the pledge.

COT: no announcement’s  or FNG’s at this time so we take prayer request and namorama. BOM. YHC takes us out.

Moleskin: Great work by everyone today. Way to push the rock! It was an honor to lead you!