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  • When: 07/29/2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: Dr. Feelgood
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Hushpuppy, Whoopee, Squirt, Spiderman, Yo Paulie, Yo Adrian, Slaw, Short Sale, Gomer, Monk, Def Leppard, Easy Rider, Boss Hog (Kotter), Little Sweet, Breeder, Sargento, DaVinci, Iron Man (FNG), Dr. Feelgood (Q)

19 PAX under the surveillance of Pokemon Go Hunters entered the gloom at the Downtown Rotary Pavillion where “the coolest F3 workout ever” was promised. Preblast warned PAX that even the early morn would bring high temperature and the humidity of a rainforest. They still posted.

Disclaimer given and PAX reminded that they probably shouldn’t do F3 cuz they could get a boo-boo. Modify, be smart, blah blah

Warm up – SSH X a bunch (lost count), Stationary jump lunges X ? (Pokemon hunters are very distracting)

Pledge Mosey – across parking lot, down Main Street stopping for merkins, CDDs, mosey to parking deck. Line up, count, then sprint the straight aways, mosey the ramps to the 3.5 level of the deck.

Preamble to Thang – Divide into groups of 4. individuals in one group grabbed a furniture dolly and raced up to the top level then back down the steps. Hands on the dolly, legs spinning, and control always in question. All remaining PAX did slow, low squats until there turn on the dolly sprint. All groups complete, mosey to the top of the deck.


To celebrate the beginning of the Panther’s training camp, I reminded the PAX of the greatest Panther quote of all time from Steve Smith. (Video link attached).  “Ice up, son, ice up.” Boss Hog’s truck was brought to life with various sport anthems blasting and a truckload of bagged ice was distributed. PAX completed a few exercises with the icy coupons and partnered up. One partner ran the parking deck while the other carried both bags of ice up and down the stairs X3. Additional exercises were completed including an ice bag shuttle run. PAX threw the ice remaining back into the truck and headed back to the pavillion. Wall squats, air presses, lightbulb changes, a Boss Hog salute, and Monkey Humpers led into the final mosey home. On the pavillion stage the remaining time was spent on various core exercises, another set of merkins, and a final call of time.


Pokemon Hunters looming in the bushes and out of my line of direct vision make me nervous. I have nothing against the game and think the technology is really cool. But I thought, who in their right mind would get up that early to walk around looking at a phone GPS. I can only imagine what they thought of a bunch of grown men doing grade school jump and jacks at a ridiculous, early hour. It was fun to invite them to join during the cadence. Maybe next time they will swallow the red pill.

During our exercises on Main Street, YHC felt a sense of joy as the echoes of the cadence bounced off the buildings with the percussion of authoritative manhood.  The large number of PAX brought energy to my personal favorite AO.

Smelling the entrance to the deck always quickens the steps of the PAX and made the climb up happy.  The young legs of Gomer and Yo Paulie were easy to hate, but knowing their friends were all at home or with the Pokemon hunters brought respect. During the dolly run, thanks go to Short Sale for keeping the cadence going.

Boss Hog returned to F3 after a break to complete many farm projects for the M and get quality time in with his farm animals.  As always Boss Hog was quick to offer help, meet early, support the mission, and his truck’s external speakers were perfect for blasting motivational sport anthems across downtown. Half way through the exercises the Rocky theme played and I noticed a father / son moment between Yo Adrian and Yo Paulie.  It was if they were running the steps in Philadelphia.  The Chariots of Fire theme was detrimental to the momentum, but sensing the change in pace, a shout – not to be sucked into the slow motion – was given by one of the old PAX who actually remembers the movie.

Distributing bags of ice there were lots of smiles and laughs as the PAX realized this would be the “coolest F3 workout ever.” Such quality fellowship made the inherent risks of backing up a truck to a closed convenience store at 5am and loading up on bags of ice (paid for later after the workout) well worth it.

Hushpuppy kept YHC honest on the time and, as always, the collective purpose to be better men and servants was lifted up in the ball of man.  A big welcome to Iron Man (Stephen Grant) whose contact info I failed to get.  Will one of you GSM men get that info to Freight or Bandit so we can be sure he returns and fills the other hole we have in all our hearts!  A joy to Q, great work!