• Post Type:
  • When: 05/28/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: T-Square & Bandit
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Flush, Siren, Dr. Feelgood, Quiche, Loverboy, Spud (Repsect), TopHat, Squeeker, Blart, Madoff, Slaw, Flintstone, Jk2, DaVinci, Hush Puppy, Woodstock (FNG), T-Square, Bandit

What a wonderful Saturday morning beginning with DiVinci leading the 3rd F at 0630. #Jerimiah20 #TomSawyer #MeanMeanStride

Then at 0700, after our disclaimer, 18 PAX circled up for some warm-up including SSH, Merkins, Lunges and Flutter Kicks.

Mosey to flag & bellowed out the Pledge.

T-Square trashed his original weinke in exchange for an idea from Spud. T-claps to his input.

Moseyed up Garrison; stop at red light & hit some LBC’s.

Mosey over & up Dixon. Stop for some Flutter Kicks.

Finish moseying up Dixon to New Hope. Stop at corner & get some Slo-Mo Don Quixotes.

Mosey up to corner at Robinwood. Got in some reps of something I can’t remember.

Mosey up to Gaston Memorial. Now for the cool part. Mosey into GM & up to Memorial Wall of Fallen Service Folks. Took a few minutes to reflect. SUPER COOL. HUMBLING!

Moseyed back toward Sherwood School. But we had to stop along New Hope, with our backs to traffic, knock out some Monkey Humpers (by request of Flush). Finished up first half at Sherwood & passed remaining time to The Bandit.

In the parking lot at Sherwood, we partnered up for Eleven’s with Burpees and LBCs. This is 10 reps of burpees on one side of parking lot, run to other side for 1 rep of LBC. Continue back and forth across parking lot with reps of each exercise increasing and decreasing respectively (i.e. 9/2,8/3,7/4, etc…). Watching the clock carefully, called Oklahoma (that is Bandit-speak for Omaha) after 5 rounds.

With the clock counting down, Bandit was working to get the PAX back to the starting point before the stagecoach turned into a pumpkin. Next we ran a short distance to the track and stopped at the hill to finish up our parter-Elevens – this time with LBC at the bottom and squats at the top (6/5, 5/6, 4,7, etc…).

After a quick countdown, Bandit lead the PAX through Sherwood Forest and to the parking lot at First Pres for a short up hill lunge walk before a quick run back to the Scheile parking lot for some plank work and to finish off with those favorite dying cockroaches.

We finished with the COT. Great to see F3 continue to grow in Gastonia. Welcome to FNG Jason Austell (Woodstock) who closely evaded the Mary Poppins moniker by a slim margin. We finished today remembering those soldiers and service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our safety and freedom. For them, we are truly grateful.

Great work men! Humbled and honored to lead F3 Gastonia PAX.