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  • When: 5-24-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Dolph
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  • PAX: Roadie, Shingle, Mary Lou, Hydrant, Huckleberry, Hank, Garfield

8 appeared in the Gloom this am for a sample of the MURPH!

Warmup; x 15 IC; SSH, Toy Soldier, CDD, Trunk Side Stretch


Thang; YHC asked the Pax if they knew what the MURPH was? Couple of the pax stated they had heard of it and I also heard something about getting back in the truck. The ones who didn’t know got a little a history on Michael Murphy. #Respect
To give up your life for your fellow brothers and your country. No words can express my gratitude for that. So the Pax were informed we were going to modify Murph’s workout and only do half. Run a 1/2 mile, 5 sets of each; 10 pullups, 20 mericans, 30 squats. Run a 1/2 mile. The Pax embraced the challenge and hit it head on. Nice to see them work together on the pullups and push each other during the exercises. YHC offered the count to the Pax and they jumped in as well. Mericans got a little fast on a few of the sets, my apologies. After the second 1/2 mile the Pax moseyed to the tennis court to finish out the time with A little bit o Mary. Huckleberry with Ring of Fire, Shingle with LBC’s, Hydrant with Mountain Climbers, Roadie with SSH, Garfield with Lunge in Place, Hank with 10 Burpees OYO, Mary Lou, you gonna have to help me out sir, drawing a blank, was it hillbillies, yes I think it was. YHC with 10 pretzels IC each side.

Moleskin; Strong work men. A pleasure to push the rock with you guys. It’s awesome to see the growth in each one of you. #DFQ. It doesn’t get easier you just get stronger. Tclaps to Huckleberry, nice work sir. Mary Lou called me out on at least one of the Tempo merican sets. AYE! It is an honor to lead you men.

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BOM; Thanks for taking us out Huckleberry