• Post Type:
  • When: 5-19-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Crusader, Huckleberry, Garfield, Hank, Shingle, Roadie, Allen Tate, Sparky
  • A bit optimistic this AM, I roll into the soggy monsoon in the making, Folsom. Hey, I’m not solo, I see 3 PAX ready for a shower. After a quick how-do-ya-do, in rolls a few more! Not a lost cause after all. No FNGs as of yet, so circle up in the rain for some warmups. IC

Hillbillies x12, Don Quiote x12-14?, got distracted, FNG coming? Nope just Allen Tate in time for some Monkey Humpers(aka Allen Tates) x15



mosey to the lower lot, while eavesdropping during our brief run, I take into consideration the notion for a rain break, so we mosey into a shelter. After all anything on your 6 is better in the dry?


Dr W’s x10, easier on paper, Freddie Mercury x12 IC

mosey back out into the shower for some bupeecides, run 5 spots and back for 1 burp, 10 and back x2, 15 and back x3, 20 and back x4, 25 and back x5, 20 and back x4, 15 and back x3, 10 and back x2, 5 and back x1

line up for some toy soldier lunges a distance and back, broad jump burpees a distance and back, an FNG moseying down the lot? Nope just Sparky in time for an escalator ride, YHC gets the PAX input on which exercise

merkins x10, SSH x20, mountain climbers x30, hillbillies x40, flutter kicks x50, mosey to another shelter for rain break, LBC x20 IC, clock merkins 12:00 x10, 3:00 x10, 6:00 x10, 9:00 x10, 12:00 x10, running short in time we mosey back to the upper lot for some more laughs, COT, prayer. Always lifting our families up men! Sparky, feeling guilty for his such brief session, decides to hammer out a run and a few exercises while myself, Allen Tate, and Roadie planked(LOL) to  be accountable for him! Go Sparky!

great work men! Such a blessing to be a part of this group, and always an honor to Q!

MDub out