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  • When: 05/07/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Stroganoff, Billy Madison, Pizza Man, Tool Time, Flush, JK2, Hushpuppy, Mayor, JJ, Def Leopard, Spiderman, Boss Hogg, Sparky, Flesh Wound-FNG

A solid crowd of 14 PAX and 1 FNG showed to know this Saturday at the Gashouse. It had already been promised to be an ugly beatdown and Fartsacks had been suggested. There were mumbles about merlot in the circle. We were celebrating several birthdays this week. Whoopee, Sargento and Tool time all got a little “wiser” this week. Lucky for Tool time his was this day! So on with some party work and some of his favorite exercises!

The Warmup: Seemed like dancing to me!

Seal Jacks ic x 15, Morrocan Nightclubs ic x 15, Hillbillies ic x 10, Goofballs ic x 10, Monkeyhumpers ic x 10, Don Quixte single count to 45(Tool times age)

Mosey to flag for Pledge

The Thang: Mosey to Parkwood parking lot and bearcrawl across the lot stopping at each line for a merkin(about 20). Mosey to the Old Hospital( I think? that was before my time. Maybe one of the “wiser” guys could say for sure.). On the way we did some duckwalks across parking lot openings. Driveway hill at hospital ran down for 15 merkins/10 squats ran backup for ab work while PAX finished. Rinse and repeated 3 times. On the 3rd trip it was promised this would be the last(whisper on this hill). As Stroganoff headed off to do some HIM work with the girls on the run the PAX partnered up for for 20 Squerkins. It turns out the other side of this mound has a similar hill as the first one so we had to go up and down in the same fashion as the first 2 more times! We then moseyed out to the main road and found another nice hill. We then did Happy Jacks ic x 5 then moseyed backwards up the hill for WWI situps x 5. Rinse and repeat. Time to head back so we moseyed back to parkwood for some fiddler crabs and then back to the shielle. We stopped at the wall for some BTTW Hip Slappers and Mike Tyson’s. With a few minutes to spare it was felt that LBFC’s were needed before we left so ic x 10.

Great work by all today! I wanted to push myself and my brothers this morning and it seems that everyone pushed. Hats off to FNG Flesh Wound for stepping up on his first visit and Mayor who was considering the fartsack for an ankle injury until he received a delivery of a particular purple flower. However next time take the flowers that ankle looks nasty! Happy B-day to all the PAX this week!

COT: Announcements-5K run at storm next weekend, F3 Belmont starting 6/11, get us some contacts and see you there. Prayer Request-Tool time and his co-workers, Billy Madison’s M(Veronica Vaughn), our children, JK2’s family.

As always it was a pleasure this morning. We had a great group that pushed the rock! I wouldn’t push as hard, if at all, if you weren’t there with me. Psalm 133-1-Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!