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F3Winnsboro’s 1 year anniversary pre-blast

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  • When: 6/4/16
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  • PAX: All pax that want to join in the fun!!!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since F3 launched in Winnsboro. We have enjoyed ups and downs in our numbers but we have a strong core group of pax that is growing. And what better way to spark that growth than to host our 1 year anniversary with a 2 hour BeatDown. On 5/23/15 we started out with just a 1 hour Saturday workout but quickly found the pax wanted more. Now we have 3 running workouts a week (#NeedForSpeed) and 2 boot camps during the week (#OldArmory) and abs only beat down (#Crunch) on Wednesdays and a 2 hour beat down every Saturday (#OldArmory).

If you helped launch us at our AO #OldArmory than you know it already has a challenging terrain. The Q’s promise to use the that terrain along with all of the toys we have collected throughout the year.  Some of these toys include bricks, blocks (we call them scorpion death blocks), tractor tires, buckets of gravel, and telephone poles. Needless to say you will get your gas money’s worth for making the trip in this workout.

So tell all pax and potential FNGs that you know to make plans to #clowncar and come celebrate F3Winnsboro’s 1 year mark with us. Just like every car dealership in the world, it’s just a 15 min drive from anywhere.


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  1. Apache

    Aye. Can’t wait my brother. It will be good to get back home

    Aye Apache

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