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Mt. Midoriyama- 3 PAX showed up on this beautiful spring day for Pizza Man’s special delivery.  Nothing better then an A-Z delivery!!



Side straddle Hop X 20

Don Quoties X 10

Run a Lap around parking lot





A- Air Squat x 20

B- Burpee x 10

C- Carolina Dry Docks x 20

D- Dips x 20

E- Elevens (1 lunge 10 merkins, 2 lunges 9 merkins, etc.)

F- Flutter Kicks x 30

G- Gorilla Humpers x 20

H- Hillbillies x 20

I- Iron squat x 15

J- Jump ups x 15 (Bleachers)

K- Knerkin (Knuckle merkins) x 20

L- LBC x 30

M- Merkins x 20

N- Nolan Ryan x 10 each arm

O- One-legged lunge x 10 each leg

P- Parker peter x 20

Q- Quadraphilia x 7

R- Reverse crunch x 20

S- Smurf Jack  x 20

T- Travolta’s “Staying alive plank” x 10 each arm

U- Up downs x 5 with High knees between

V- V-up roll up x 10

W- Werkin (wide merkin) x 20

X- Xs and Os x 10

Y- Yul Brynner-Magnificent Seven Merkins. (Progress through 7 different types of merkins x 5 reps: Carolina Dry Dock to Wide Merkin to Merkin to Ranger Merkin to Diamond Merkin to Crucible Merkin to Chuck Norris Merkin)

Z- Zombie walks

*With a little time left, mosey over to the playground for 2 sets of 10 pull-ups then ran the long lap back to the flag to end with a “Mary” of planks.*


Thanks to all the men that showed up for Pizza Man’s delivery, we demolished it.