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  • When: 3/12/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Stroganoff
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roscoe, Monk, Macho Man, Whoopee, Shaft, Gumby, JK2, Flush (Respect), Tool Time, Spiderman, Sargento, Rudolph, T-Square, DaVinci, JJ, Squirt, Linus, Bandit, Squeaker, Fonda, WTR (Walker-Texas Ranger/Respect/FNG), Stroganoff

21 Strong PAX plus YHC gathered in the not so gloomy morning for the post first 3rd F event.  The first shout out must go to Monk and the 12 – 13 who gathered at 6:30 am for our first true 3rd F event with a bible study.  T-Claps Monk!

Having an FNG on site and possibly the first repeat name (you guys can figure that one out), YHC began with the disclaimer and brief description of the chaos about to occur.  We begin.

Warm-Up (In Cadence)

Side-Straddle Hops – 15

Freddy Mercury’s – 15

Imperial Walkers – 15

Had a couple more in mind but the anticipation to get The Thang started, we dispensed with any more warm up and moseyed to the Flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Thang

Part I

Up first was the short mosey to the upper parking lot at Grier Middle School for our first station of fun:

Had no name for this at the time but now am calling it the Stroganoff 3 X 5 (curb to curb work):

Line up on one curb.  Bear Crawl to opposite side – 10 merkins – lunge back to other side.

Rinse and repeat 5 times (3 exercises performed 5 times = 3 X 5)

Roscoe led some Plank Work until all the PAX (Including the QIC) completed the work.

Part II

Mosey across the great divide (Garrison Blvd) for some extra credit prayer work at the 1st Presbyterian steps:

Partner up for the Rally to 900.  Partner 1 exercises while partner 2 runs the steps & performs 5 merkins at the top and returns to switch off for cumulative exercise reps as listed below (including the noted Omaha):

Flutter Kicks – 200

Mountain Climbers – 150

Freddy Mercury’s – 200

Plank Jacks – 150 (Omah’d to 100 after first few rounds)

LBC’s – 200 (Omah’d to 100 after first few rounds)

As usual, I couldn’t have a workout without modifying something.  Part II looked much different on paper than the actual implementation on site.  This rally to 900 ended up as a Rally to 750 or some number close to that.

Part III

Mosey back across the Great Divide down to the Grier Track for some Wolfpack Grinder:

This includes in cadence exercises followed up by a 1/2 lap run followed by some OYO exercises as follows:

10 IC Prayer Squats – 1/2 Lap Run – 20 Merkins OYO

10 IC Prayer Squats – 1/2 Lap Run – 20 Mountain Climbers OYO

10 IC Prayer Squats – 1/2 Lap Run – 20 Merkins OYO

10 IC Prayer Squats – 1/2 Lap Run – 20 Mountain Climbers OYO

Part IV

Mosey/Walk/Skip to the picnic table area for some final Middle School AO work:

20 IC Dips

10 IC Prayer Squats

20 IC Dips

10 IC Prayer Squats

Mosey back to the Schiele to close out the workout with two rounds of Mary:

Bandit gave us his trusted Dying Cockroaches with 25 IC.  YHC made the mistake of then calling on Spiderman to finish off the beat down and he tragically decided on 5 Burpees OYO.

This concludes the workout.

The PAX gather for the COT:

Announcements:  One year anniversary workout coming up on April 9th.  The Community Foundation Run 5k is the following week.  There will be some correspondence soon about some of the organizations that are similar in purpose to F3 that participate in the Community Foundation Run. We are still looking for some additional commitments for the BRR (Blue Ridge Relay) coming up in September.  We suggest looking up the F3 book, Freed to Lead, and getting a copy or borrowing from one of the PAX.  It is worth the time.

Prayer Requests:  Continue to pray for Outhouse and his family.  Keep Feelgood in your thoughts as he steps up for a huge community event (Dancing for the Future Stars) later on Saturday night.

When Q’ing, please note to get the contact info of FNG’s with email, etc.  I had the opportunity this week to do this with two FNG’s and failed to do it both times.  It’s important to get them on the email and Twitter feed as soon as possible.

We finished up with the Name-O-Rama and welcoming FNG – WTR (Michael Reeves) and welcome back Tool Time, great to see you back out.

Let’s keep spreading the word and EH’ing those you know to come join us.  The Gastonia/Gaston County group is growing and will continue to as we get into warmer weather.

As always, it was an honor to lead the group this morning.

Until the next one.  AYE!