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Was a relatively small but high quality crowd today at Goat Island. The weather was perfect. Here’s what I remember:

WU: 10 reps IC of the following: SSH, Merkins, Freddy Mercury, Monkey Humpers, Scorpion Dry Dock, LBC, Mountain Climbers, then 30 Moroccan Night Club con la cucaracha (Whoopee original-MNC with toe raises as if stepping on cockroaches).

The Thang:

Mosey down hill then around to BB&T bldg, partner up, pA goes up/down stairs while pB does AMRAP called exercise X 2 rounds of the following:Merkins, Squats, Scorpion Dry Docks, Toy Hillbillys (mix btwn toy soldier and hillbilly), and hold in hip slapper position (careful to remove shoes each time so as to avoid soiling the walls of the beautiful building). When partners swap position they do 5 LBCs together.

Mosey back to start, Burpee challenge: escalator burpees every 30 seconds (or so)  starting at 1 and going to 10. Next we moseyed to the bottom of the hill right across from bridge for Cramerton Speedway-Catch me if you Can-partner A runs backwards around the town square, partner B does 5 Merkins then runs to catch partner A taking care not to pull a Roscoe/Anthrax sandwich. Swap and repeat process until all the way around the town square. Once back to start, lunge across bridge (5 bonus point for each spiderweb/spider you eat), 10 burpees on other side of bridge then mosey back to start. Next we heard the word of the week from Monk: “I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart.” Followed by the corollary (I am paraphrasing) “While I do 10 burpees.” So we did 10 burpees and called it a day.

Namorama, Prayers for Outhouse, Announcements about BRR, Backwoods Brawl, run for the cars and off to.

Enjoyed it guys. Thanks for pushing hard.