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A Bedpan full of Codpossum

It was a frosty 30 degree’s this morning when I pulled into Folsom, Medicine Woman called E.C. The night before and he was not joking. Like a triad Ninja he come running (1.5 miles Aye!) in looked up ice on his mask, said what’s up Bedpan. I thought to myself today is a day to be maniacs! (I’ll explain later),all of the sudden the parking lot was full at Folsom. 11 HIM’s showed up for my VQ. It’s AT’s bday and he showed up with a codpossum ready to get down in the Gloom. (Show to know).

Warm A Rama

SSH x10

cherry pickers x 10

10 hillbillies on the right side

10 Appalachian Americans on the left side

25 night clubs oyo

Mosey to the bottom

team work makes the dream work

25 Maniacs (Chris Farley/tommyboy) then plank until teammate makes two laps x’s2

mosey to covered area

dips x 10

captian Morgan x 10 oyo

mosey to the flag


merkins x10

mountain climbers x 10

LBC’s x 15 oyo


tennis court lunges

stop at end and Bobby Hurley add 1 per court. Then rinse and repeat.

Finished up with 25 squats slow and low per Pax request, and you can’t lose your V without at least 5 Burpees.

I learned a lot this morning, Captain Morgan is best left for the afternoon, add more reps, but most importantly I learned how Great it is to be surrounded by the  Men of F3.

Prayer request

Romeo’s father in Law

all the guys training for the half marathon

Allen Tate’s Mother in Law

bedpans Aunt.

The Bedpan is full!


Here deer deer deer

On the way home from work yesterday I stopped off by southern states and picked up several 50lbs bags of deer corn, to put out for the deer! These bags of deer corn will also make for some great mumble chatter at Folsom! Before parking at Folsom, I took the bags and dropped them off in the bottom parking lot then headed up to the pax! Pulling up I see Sister Act and Swimmer joined us this morning, good to see them on a weekday. 530, time to start!

Warm up


hillbillys- 15ic

DonQs – 15ic

Mosey to the flag at the entrance of Folsom, pledge, 22 for the vets! Mosey back to the truck to pick up the jump ropes on our way to the bottom parking lot.

Partner up! Partner 1 starts the exercise, partner 2 run across the parking lot while carrying the 50lb bag of corn!

100 Merkins

100 squats

100 lbcs

150 jump ropes

Time for a mosey around the park! Partner 1 starts the mosey carrying the bag, handing it off to partner 2 as needed! While running the long way to the flag pole and back to the trucks! On the way back to the truck, YHC had a pain hit, and had to find the closest bathroom! With 7 min left, the pax stepped in and finished up!

25 flutters ic

16 merkins ic

20 Freddie M ic

( to many) Sandy Vs

10 Burpees oyo

about this time yhc returned, feeling much better!

Announcements- CSAUP, community 5k

Prayer request- Medicine Woman’s leg, Sister Acts traveling, each other!

Good job by all the pax! Thanks for the opportunity to lead!





2 unicorns and a half Murph

Medicine Woman had the Q for Thursday, but wasn’t able to make it. But he did inform the pax the night before on the good ole Folsom group text that we will be doing a Murph in the morning! Also, Allen Tate informed us that he will be there! Yeah right! I rolled in right on Sparky time, about 535, and the pax was already warming up, all the “trucks” in there normal places, wait a minute, did roadie get a new truck? Nope, it’s Allen Tate (unicorn) number one! They finish Mnightclubs till I get there, no MW, but we already had our orders! Mosey to the flag, pledge, then make a lap around the park, knocking out our first mile, man that Montross is getting fast!  We meet up at the playground to start on our Murph, we were planning on doing full Murph but we only got half, 50 pull-ups, 100 merkins, 150 squats! Look at the watch, 603! Let’s mosey! Wait , who is this creeping in? It’s Gomer,(unicorn) number two! How rare is this? He jumps out of his vehicle, with jeans and Justin boots on, files right in line with the pax, we knock out another mile and a half! Allen Tate and gomer looked like they haven’t missed a beat! Everybody did a great jod, some even ran a little extra on that last mosey!

Announcements: CSAUP first Saturday in April, 3rd F event April 13th, 5k April 14

prayer requests: Medicine woman’s leg, Def leopards hip, Allen Tate’s mother in law, bedpans wife! Bedpan took us out!

Good to see that Allen Tate and Gomer still know how to find Folsom!


Forge “Gods mighty Men”

Main scripture was 2 Sam. 23:8-39

Down through the ages God has worked through a band of committed people! God doesn’t work through lukewarm! Only through those who are fervent in there love for Christ and his kingdom!

2 Sam 23 David had a group of mighty men, who were committed to him and his kingdom! What characterized these men? 2 things, they were attracted to David’s person ( because good leaders attract people) and they were committed to his cause!

similarly, the church needs mighty men who are attracted to the person of Christ and committed to his kingdom!

David Livingston was a missionary in Africa, and some friends wrote him; “we would like to send other men to you. Have you found a good road into your area yet?” Livingston wrote back, “ if you have men who will only come if they know there is a good road, I don’t need them. I want men who will come if there is no road at all.”

We may not know what God has planned for us? But if we are about his kingdom we want worry about the road!

If you haven’t made it out to The Forge on Wednesday evening, you are missing out on something special! Come on out, all are welcome!

Announcements- 3rd F event, April 13th don’t miss it! Also my son “madden” gave his life to Christ this past Saturday! God is good!

prayer request: the lady that is our waitress at the Forge asked if we would pray for her and her grandson!

Thanks men for allowing the opportunity to lead!

Cold hands?

I pulled in running a little late as usual! 6 pax where waiting patiently? I opened my truck door and yelled what time is it? Someone answered 530! Stepping out of the truck I yell back “ let’s mosey “! So we make our normal trip to the flag , on the way back I asked the pax, option A or option B? Quick reply, option B ! A is block work, and B is burpees 20 to 1 on the tennis courts! When I informed them of this the mumble chatter quicky spiked! Little did I know Hanks Gout was flared up in his knee! So being the merciful guy that I am, we fell back on option A! We grabbed blocks, circled up and did 20 to 1

shoulder press




somewhere along the way there was some fussing about cold hands, #showtoknow! Everybody did a great job! Proud of the folsom crew!

prayer request- Hank, Def, Silas, Weston, each other

announcments- community 5k,

csaup run

Good work men! And Volt for getting in a little ec before the WO!







Perseverance / Forge

got questions.org says “ the doctrin of perseverance of the saints is founded in the promise that… He who began a good work in will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. Phili. 1:6

All who have been “ born again “ do have eternal security and will persevere.

James 1:2

Galations 6:9

2 Timothy 2:12

Philippians 1:6 are some of the scripture shared!

Paul wrote to Timothy and reminded the young pastor to “ watch your life and doctrine closely, persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.” (1 Timothy 4:16)

With the recent passing of Billy Graham we are reminded that through our perseverance in Christ that we are saved and so are our hearers! Like our children, wives, coworkers,ect.

So I urge you brothers to persevere in your faith because you never know who is watching and listening, and may come to know Christ through you!

Brothers if at all possible come out on Wednesday night! It’s an awesome time to share and sharpen one another to fight the good fight! And press forward in our daily spiritual battles, with an eternity spent with Jesus Christ as our prize!



Good ole Volt had the Q this morning! And guess what… I was late! I rolled into Folsom at about 538, the pax were saying the pledge when I was rolling in, a good site to see! Little did I know what I was getting into!

warmup- so I’m told! Ssh, Hillbilly’s, Gravel pickers, 15ic

they moseyed to the flag at the entrance of Folsom, pledge, mosey the long way back to the playground! After running around looking for the pax, this is where I found them! Some were doing merkins, some were doing squats, and some were doing pull-ups, that’s when I was thinking “ if I just keep on running, I wonder if they will notice me?” I join up with the pax, yep a “Murph”! We finished the 20 sets of 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats, then run that last mile! I should have known when I saw Volt had the Q , it wouldn’t be easy!

Announcements- snowbird men’s retreat March 16-18

Prayer request- our families, the families and people in Florida!

Good work men! Good to see Bed pan out at Folsom this morning!

Volt took us out!

Invisible no longer!

Well… I’ve been talking trash for a couple of day’s to the pax at folsom so I had to deliver!

I rolled up at about 525, and there was already 3 or 4 waiting, and Huck was one of them! To our newest addition at folsom, Huck is no longer the invisible man, good to have you back Huck!

530 let’s get started! Warm up


toy soldiers 15ic

Warm up is over! I drop the tailgate on the truck, grab a block and head to the tennis courts!

Lining up on the first line for some Route 66,


Over Head Press



66 of each, and almost 3 miles in!

Times up! Good job men!

Announcements: March 16-18 Snowbird men’s retreat , for info go to swoutfitters.com / snowless tubing f3 dads February 17th or 18th not sure, get with Roscoe

Prayer Request: Def lepard, Roadie’s wife and family, Kiwi,

Also, last night at the Forge, Ashe Pond lead us in a study in Idolatry.

Idolatry is enjoying anything more than you enjoy God! My prayer request is that we enjoy God more than anything else!

Thanks for the opportunity!



5 showed at folsom this morning for some blocks and some reflecting!

For the workout, we moseyed, did some block work, mosey, block work, show to know!

Then about 610, I wanted to end things a little different! I wanted to share some things with the pax… yesterday was my last day of being 38! And all I could think about is how fast this life will be gone! This made me think about some things…

First, missed opportunities! Gospel opportunities! The main reason this has happened is because my focus has been on me and not on Christ! I don’t want to miss an opportunity to share the most important thing, Christ!

Second, I want to love my wife the way Christ loves the church! Again, I’m a selfish man! My prayer is God would lead me to love my wife, in a way that is much different then the way the world does, He would lead me to love her the way He does! Unselfishly!

Third, that I would teach my boys what it looks like to be a Man! Be watchful stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.

I don’t have a daughter, but if you have one, remember your the one who sets the bar for who she ends up with! SET IT HIGH! She to needs to know what a man looks like!

announcments… Wednesday night Forge! 630 to740 Grits and greens in Lowell.

Snowbird men’s retreat in March! Let me know if your interested?

Prayer request… Medicine Woman’s brother in law, Def Leppard, Aflac, and each other!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Still cold

When I got to folsom this morning, there where four pax there waiting on me! One guy gets out of his truck, and I’m thinking is that an FNG? Nope…. it’s Allen Tate! Good to see him!

Warm Up hillbilly’s 15 ic

10 burpees oyo

mosey to the flag for the pledge!

Then we moseyed a lot, stopped for some hip slappers along the way, moseyed some more, stopping for some four corner Dora at the bottom parking lot. Moseyed some more, Roadie saying “ this is not a running AO”, my reply is “ I’m Qing this “, but really I was just trying to stay warm! We moseyed some more, stopping for some merkins along the way, time to circle up!

Announcments: Joe Davis run this weekend

Wednesdays the “Forge” 630-730 at grits and greens in Lowell

Prayer request:

continue to pray for Roadie’s family, his wife’s grandmother passed away

Medicine Woman

Allen Tate’s friend passed away at 38, his wife and children!

And that we would be a light in the darkness, for God’s glory!

Good to see a bigger crowd on this cold morning! Pleasure leading!

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