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I pulled into Folsom right at start time this morning, we circled up and began the warmup! Everyone looked warm, partner up, one partner grab a block and head to the tennis courts for some modified Dora! P1 start the exercise, P2 run, alternating until reps are done!

100- triceps

150- curls

200- shoulder press

250- squats

300- LBCs

Back to launch point, put the blocks up.

While everyone is recovering, in honor of valentines, I wanted to share something.

F3 in the marriage?

Fittness- Men, what shape is your marriage in? Is it strong? LEAD

Fellowship- Is the communication strong in your marriage? Or is fellowship broken? If there is an issue here, LEAD your wife in restoring fellowship!

Faith- Are you pointing your wife to Christ daily, by the way you live? By the way you love? By the way you LEAD?

The truth is, God calls us to love our wives sacrificially! The way Christ loves the church! He loved us, when we didn’t love Him!

If you are a man, you were born to LEAD! LEAD , love, and encourage your wives daily! Men, we are called to a big role, and will be held accountable in how we LEAD!

Announcments- CSAUP, Rooster, P200

Prayer requests- Big Pappys dad, other pax families with flu and sickness


Push through the gloom!

Hank brought the pain as always! We got in a little over 2 miles, we did burpees, lunges, jump rope, merkins, SSH, good push by everyone that was present. Folsom was a little thin this morning, Big Pappy is fight the crud and still got it done! Good work men!

Announcements- CSAUP, sign up! Rooster, receiving friends for Gumby’s father-in-law at McLean funeral home this afternoon 6-8

prayer request- all pax , families, Gumby’s family, his father-in-law passed away

Who me?

Talking with Montross last night, I said “hopefully I’ll see you in the morning, im gonna try to run “ he said, “I hope so, you the Q”.

With that being said, I rolled into ingles a couple minutes before start, 530 hits and we get started! WE RAN!

CSAUP February 23! Sign up!

Pray for one another, those with sickness, those with family issues!

God is good! Have a good day!


I arrived a little earlier this morning, “525” early for me! Volt and Bedpan were there waiting, they had ran some EC! The three of us gathered, about to start, here come the cars! The guys are on sparky time! Folsom went from 3 to 9 in a few seconds! Circle up!

Warmup- MNCs 15ic, SSH 15ic, Hillbillies 15ic

The Thang:

Partner up! One partner grab a block, head to the tennis courts!

Dora! Partner 1 starts the exercise, partner 2 run to the other end of the courts, rotating until the total number is done!

50 triceps

100 squats

150 shoulder press

200 curls

250 LBCs

Then 4 corners! Corner 1/10 burpees

Corner 2/ 15 merkins

corner 3/ 20 lunges

corner 4/ 25 American Hammers

on the 4 corners, Start in corner 1, the 1/2, 1/2/3, 1/2/3/4, Done!

Announcements- CSAUP!

Prayer request- Asher, others with cancer, pax that weren’t there, Gumby, each other!

Thanks for letting me lead! The newer guys of Folsom are killing it, BETTER every week! Keep pushing the ROCK!


I pulled into Folsom to see several different Pax running EC! Folsom has changed and growing, and I am very thankful for this! 530 hits, we have a good crowd, even a “fng”, Bobby Sigmon!

Warmup- SSH, Windmills, Monkey Humpers, all 15ic

Drop the tailgate, grab a block!

20 to 1! Shoulder Press, Curls, Triceps, Squats! When we do these, we try to complete this without putting the blocks down, until we finish! Folsom is getting stronger, we’ve come a long way since the first time we did this, good work men! Put the blocks up, MNC 40ic, then mosey to the tennis court!

11s- Burpees/ LBCs


Announcements- need drivers for PT200

Prayer request- Rockabillys mom, Montross Aunt, each other!

Good work today men, I’m very thankful for you all! And for the opportunity to lead!

Blocks and Jesus

I had the Q today, my 2 goals were… workout with blocks and talk about Jesus! Here’s how it went…

Warmup- ssh,  Hillbillies, Monkey Humpers

Partner up, one parter grab a block and head to the tennis court! For some Dora!

50 Blockies

75 triceps

150 curls

200 squats

200 lbc’s

200 block presses

put the blocks up its 605, mosey to the bottom parking lot. Line up at the bottom for some Bear crawl Merkins! Bear crawl the full length, do 2 merkins at every other line! Mosey back to start, Gumby and myself were in the front, he said that speed bump looks like a good place to do 10 burpees! I said great idea, the rest of the pax didn’t think so.

So theat was the Block part, now to the Jesus part!

Have you ever thought about Jesus before he came to earth? What was he doing? Well, in the book of Isaiah chapter 6, Isaiah got a glimpse and the angels were around the Lord on His throne, having to cover there eyes because His glory shined so brightly! And the where saying, “Holy,Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of your glory !”

This King, stepped out of that! For you and I! That’s crazy! He loves us so much, that he left , came to earth, just to rescue us, from an eternity separated from Him! What an awesome God!

I was reminded of all of this, reading a advent series that snowbird is Putting out daily, until Christmas. It’s a short read, also at the end, it has some resources, and if you have family, it has some things to share with them, even a couple follow up questions! Good stuff! If your looking for a good read, building up to Christmas, check it out swoutfitters.com !

prayer request- Montross, he is having his annual checkup today, he has been cancer free for a couple of years now! Double Down, that God would be with him and the doctors, through the surgery. Each other!

Men, thank you for giving me the privilege to lead you this morning!

Coyote Joes

Seven men showed in the rainy gloom this morning and it was great! After a week off I thought, “I better bring it”!

Warmup- SSH 15ic, DonQs 12ic, Hillbilly 15ic, run 1 lap around the tennis courts!

Main course!

I pulled the trailer this morning, with blocks and deadlift bars!

partner up- partner 1, 15 deadlifts / partner 2 plank, rotating 4 sets a piece!

Run to the lower parking lot since it’s pretty long and has plenty of spaces. All pax lines up at the bottom on the first line, Bear crawl to 2 full parking lot doing 5 merkins at every other line! A lot of mumble chatter going on, so I knew all pax would love what’s coming! Bear crawl or crab walk back down, doing 5 burpees at every other line going back down! Even more mumble chatter, which I always take as a compliment!

Move to the bottom shelter, since our shoulders and arms were trashed, Dips 20ic! Then to finish things Moroccan nightclubs 60ic! Head back to the launch point! 22 for the vets!

Announcements- convergence Saturday, followed by 3rd F

Prayer request- All pax, unspoken request

Thank you men for letting me lead! I enjoyed it!




Last day/ All Star Workout

  1. Pulled into Folsom right on time, the chief and Huck where waiting patiently! Montross rolled in behind me, get out of the truck and get to work!



Show to know/ Roadie showed somewhere around here!

Prayer request- friends, family, other pax.

Ive had the privilege of being Folsom site Q for the past year, this group of men isn’t just some group that I exercise with, they are family! I believe without a doubt , if I need anything, whether it be moving something or someone to talk to, these guys are there! True HIMs! I am better for knowing them! Now on to the new Folsom site Q!………

last January I EHd a guy named Brandon Hastings, who became f3montross. He came and was hooked! At Folsom the guys like to joke around a little, and if you can take it and give it back, then you gonna do just fine! Well Montross takes it and dishes it out! He loves f3 and loves Folsom! He is one of those PAX who can get the others going, he is passionate about all 3 Fs, not just one, a leader of men! I am excited for this HIM to take the reins at Folsom!

Thanks again for the opportunity to lead!





8 men avoided the fartsack this beautiful  morning, all runners!

Announcements- Christmastown 5k, sign up soon!

Prayer request- Oompas family, safe travels for pax returning from relay, each other!

Getting stronger

We lifted things and are getting stronger ! Show to know!

Prayer request- Canup family, Darth Visor family and pax, our families

announcments- burpees by the lake! Christmas town 5k

Its always a pleasure to lead, thanks for allowing me to do so!


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