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Well, it’s the start of another month! Seems like they come faster and faster? Anyway, I pulled in Folsom at about 528, and the pax was ready! I got out of the truck, Medicine Woman asked if we needed gloves? I said yep! 10 burpees oyo! Then, 20 SSH, 15 hillbillies, warmup is over! Get a partner, one partner grab a block out of the back of my truck, and let’s mosey to the tennis courts! Before partnering up, we ALL will bear crawl to the edge of the first court, 5 merkins, crab walk to the next, 5 merkins, alternating to the end! Turn around and lunge ALL the way back!

Partner up! Partner 1 starts the exercise, while partner 2 runs, then alternate until completion!

200 curls

100 triceps

200 lbcs, with block! Requested by Huck!

200 shoulder presses

50 blockees!


As everyone was catching their breath, I wanted to talk about How The King stepped off His throne, went to the front line! Like a good King! And won the battle! Making a way for us to join Him in His kingdom, Wow! I take this for granted! Think of the best HIM you know, the one that you like to be around? The one you look up to? That shouldn’t hold a candle to how we feel about God! My prayer is that we long to be with God! And that we spend time with Him, as often as we can, because we can!

Announcements- 2.0 workout July 21st, Sister Acts one year anniversary Q Saturday!

Prayer request- families, God’s glory!

Thanks for allowing me to lead!




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More Blocks!

Well, business as usual! I pulled into Folsom a few minutes earlier then normal, with a good group of HIMs waiting for their instructions! Huck is quick to let me know it’s time to get started, upon his reminder, I call out 10 burpees oyo! Hold up, we have an fng! I’m reminded, disclaimer! Now we can do 10 burpees oyo! 15 toy soldiers ic, let’s mosey toward the flag at the entrance of Folsom. Along the way we stop at the fork in the road, for some merkins ic, continue to the flag. Arriving at the flag, let’s get in some lbcs while the six catches up, pledge, mosey back to the CARS! What someone brings to our attention Folsom has more cars then trucks? What has happened? Anyway everyone grab a block! And circle up for some 20 to 1, try to do this without putting the block down!

Shoulder press




We finish, and we have a couple of minutes left, mosey around the tennis courts!  Oompa joined back up with us at this point, and it’s time to name the fng! Welcome Matt Greene! From now on he will be known as CTD ( crash test dummy) !

Announcements: CSPAN will be the guess Q at Folsom this Saturday! Come out! Hike at grandfather mountain this Saturday, leaving from the gashouse at 0600 hours!

Prayer request: Self family, each other, Roadie for falling off the wagon!

Men, it’s always an honor to get to lead such and awesome group of men! You guys push me to be a better man, and I appreciate it! Thanks!

I took us out!





2.0 Friendly Workout

  1. So… a month or so back, we thought it would be a good idea to try to do a 2.0 friendly workout once a month, through the summer months! Today neing the first, It went better then i could have imagined!

I wanted to get the HIMs involved in leading these workouts, and they stepped up, and did an awesome job!

Whoopi kicked things off this morning, explaining to the 2.0s why we do what we do, why we push the ROCK! To better each other, to help one another to step up and be better men, dads, husbands, to push each other to follow Christ, and to be physically stronger! Then he led into a few warmup exercises, then mosey !

At this point Bedpan took over, stopping on our way to the Flag at the fork in the road. We did some crab walking, imperial walkers, seal jacks, then mosey to the flag!

Time for Montross! Hats off for the pledge! 22 for the vets, then some burpees! Mory back to the fork!

YHC found a hill near the fork, 10 spuats at the top of the hill then go down the hill, but you had to do it some other way then up right! Roll, crawl, flip, however you wanted, when you get to the bottom, sprit back to the top, x3! Then starting at the bottom, 10 lbcs, this time while going up, crawl/ crab walk, no walking or running going up! Spint back down the hill, repeat x3! Time to mosey!

Gumby took to the small lot that i hate! With a soccer ball in hand, he started us off! He threw the ball and everyone run for it, first one to get to it calls an exercise, then throws the ball for the next person to get, and call an exercise, repeating for 4 or so different exercises! Mosey!

Medicine Woman takes the lead ! Kids Vs Dads! Inch worm, kids lined up on one side, grown ups on the other! Lots of mumble chatter, there was a water hole right under myself and Whoopi, and Dolph wanted a favor from us when the mayor comes through, we gladly obliged, when Mayor got us, haystack! I think he returned the favor to Dolph later! Mosey!

Swimmer had our final stop, at the bottom parking lot ! We were running a little short on time, but he still got a few things in, rocky balboa’s, and lbcs? Time to mosey back to the start!

HIPAA and his 2.0 ran the pain lab this morning, looks like they put a beating on some of the pax, while Slaw led the way with 4 or 5 pax, running 4 miles and getting some exercises along the way!

We circled up, having to name so many new 2.0s and one Fng dad! We decided to split up into 2 groups to get this done! Then came together for the name o Rama! 56 total today, with the majority of that being 2.0s!

Announcements- Memorial Day 5k, Murph on Memorial also!

Prayer request- I’m like Huck on this one, God knows the spoken ones and the unspoken!

My son Madden took us out! Im a proud dad!

Sorry I didn’t post the names of all of those who were there today! YHC can not remember them all?

Today the pax came together to make this a success, and I am thankful! I personally know my boys looked forward to this all week! They had a blast, and so did the boy that came with us! Thank you all for leading and being the HIMs that the good Lord has called you to be! We will do this next month! I challenge all pax to invite someone to come and bring their 2.0s, or if you know a 2.0 that doesn’t have a HIM in there life, step up! and bring them along, be a mentor for someone else!

See you next time!

Proverbs 22:6




2.0 Friendly day at Folsom PreBlast

  1. About a month ago we had an idea to do a 2.0 friendly WO at Folsom! We will be doing this once a month through the summer, starting Saturday May 19th! I know personally that my boys love to come to a workout any chance they get! I love for them to be around my fellow f3 brothers, HIMs! Its good for them to be around good men, who work hard, love their wives and children and are there for one another at the drop of a hat! All of these are things that we see less and less of in our community! So, on May the 19 get up, bring your 2.0s and head to Folsom! If you dont have any 2.0s, we would still love for you to come! You can either help out with the Q, or there will be someone leading a running group at the same time!

Date- May 19th

Time- 7:00 am- 8:00 am

Afterward- breakfast at the Country Kitchen!

Contact me if you are interested in helping Q that morning, i would like to get the pax involved!



Proverbs 22:6


Last week the site Q at Folsom caught a lot of slack from the Folsom pax on the Good ole  GroupMe chat! So, I reminded the pax that I had the Q on Tuesday, go ahead and get it all out of your system,  because come Tuesday you want be able to pick up your phone! I tried to deliver!

Pulling in at Folsom, it was a good site to see! Medicine Woman getting his Ruck on! And the parking lot was pretty full for a Tuesday! 530 hits!

10 burpees oyo! Mumble chatter already!

Lets mosey, to the flag, pledge, mosey back to the “trucks”! Grab a Block!

20 to 1! If you put your block down during the the WO, that will cost you 5 burpees OYO!

20 squats

20 shoulder press

20 curls

20 triceps

then 19 each, 18 each, 17 each, you get the picture! Somewhere around the 16 rep mark, the burpees started for some of the pax! All of the Folsom pax pushed hard, hats off to Hank! I think that guy is a machine! Lots and lots of mumble chatter during this, I think some did burpees, to get a break from the blocks, weird?

5 minutes left, we have time for one more mosey!

Im very proud of these Folsom men, they are a solid group of HIMs, and I am blessed to be a part of!

Announcements: warrior dash, beginning of June, Memorial Day 5k, Memorial Day Murph! Adding a run/ruck day at Folsom on Wednesday

Prayer request: some unspoken, Allen Tate’s mother in law, Bedpans son, each other and families!

Thanks men, for letting me lead! See you in the gloom!


A Bedpan full of Codpossum

It was a frosty 30 degree’s this morning when I pulled into Folsom, Medicine Woman called E.C. The night before and he was not joking. Like a triad Ninja he come running (1.5 miles Aye!) in looked up ice on his mask, said what’s up Bedpan. I thought to myself today is a day to be maniacs! (I’ll explain later),all of the sudden the parking lot was full at Folsom. 11 HIM’s showed up for my VQ. It’s AT’s bday and he showed up with a codpossum ready to get down in the Gloom. (Show to know).

Warm A Rama

SSH x10

cherry pickers x 10

10 hillbillies on the right side

10 Appalachian Americans on the left side

25 night clubs oyo

Mosey to the bottom

team work makes the dream work

25 Maniacs (Chris Farley/tommyboy) then plank until teammate makes two laps x’s2

mosey to covered area

dips x 10

captian Morgan x 10 oyo

mosey to the flag


merkins x10

mountain climbers x 10

LBC’s x 15 oyo


tennis court lunges

stop at end and Bobby Hurley add 1 per court. Then rinse and repeat.

Finished up with 25 squats slow and low per Pax request, and you can’t lose your V without at least 5 Burpees.

I learned a lot this morning, Captain Morgan is best left for the afternoon, add more reps, but most importantly I learned how Great it is to be surrounded by the  Men of F3.

Prayer request

Romeo’s father in Law

all the guys training for the half marathon

Allen Tate’s Mother in Law

bedpans Aunt.

The Bedpan is full!


Here deer deer deer

On the way home from work yesterday I stopped off by southern states and picked up several 50lbs bags of deer corn, to put out for the deer! These bags of deer corn will also make for some great mumble chatter at Folsom! Before parking at Folsom, I took the bags and dropped them off in the bottom parking lot then headed up to the pax! Pulling up I see Sister Act and Swimmer joined us this morning, good to see them on a weekday. 530, time to start!

Warm up


hillbillys- 15ic

DonQs – 15ic

Mosey to the flag at the entrance of Folsom, pledge, 22 for the vets! Mosey back to the truck to pick up the jump ropes on our way to the bottom parking lot.

Partner up! Partner 1 starts the exercise, partner 2 run across the parking lot while carrying the 50lb bag of corn!

100 Merkins

100 squats

100 lbcs

150 jump ropes

Time for a mosey around the park! Partner 1 starts the mosey carrying the bag, handing it off to partner 2 as needed! While running the long way to the flag pole and back to the trucks! On the way back to the truck, YHC had a pain hit, and had to find the closest bathroom! With 7 min left, the pax stepped in and finished up!

25 flutters ic

16 merkins ic

20 Freddie M ic

( to many) Sandy Vs

10 Burpees oyo

about this time yhc returned, feeling much better!

Announcements- CSAUP, community 5k

Prayer request- Medicine Woman’s leg, Sister Acts traveling, each other!

Good job by all the pax! Thanks for the opportunity to lead!





2 unicorns and a half Murph

Medicine Woman had the Q for Thursday, but wasn’t able to make it. But he did inform the pax the night before on the good ole Folsom group text that we will be doing a Murph in the morning! Also, Allen Tate informed us that he will be there! Yeah right! I rolled in right on Sparky time, about 535, and the pax was already warming up, all the “trucks” in there normal places, wait a minute, did roadie get a new truck? Nope, it’s Allen Tate (unicorn) number one! They finish Mnightclubs till I get there, no MW, but we already had our orders! Mosey to the flag, pledge, then make a lap around the park, knocking out our first mile, man that Montross is getting fast!  We meet up at the playground to start on our Murph, we were planning on doing full Murph but we only got half, 50 pull-ups, 100 merkins, 150 squats! Look at the watch, 603! Let’s mosey! Wait , who is this creeping in? It’s Gomer,(unicorn) number two! How rare is this? He jumps out of his vehicle, with jeans and Justin boots on, files right in line with the pax, we knock out another mile and a half! Allen Tate and gomer looked like they haven’t missed a beat! Everybody did a great jod, some even ran a little extra on that last mosey!

Announcements: CSAUP first Saturday in April, 3rd F event April 13th, 5k April 14

prayer requests: Medicine woman’s leg, Def leopards hip, Allen Tate’s mother in law, bedpans wife! Bedpan took us out!

Good to see that Allen Tate and Gomer still know how to find Folsom!


Forge “Gods mighty Men”

Main scripture was 2 Sam. 23:8-39

Down through the ages God has worked through a band of committed people! God doesn’t work through lukewarm! Only through those who are fervent in there love for Christ and his kingdom!

2 Sam 23 David had a group of mighty men, who were committed to him and his kingdom! What characterized these men? 2 things, they were attracted to David’s person ( because good leaders attract people) and they were committed to his cause!

similarly, the church needs mighty men who are attracted to the person of Christ and committed to his kingdom!

David Livingston was a missionary in Africa, and some friends wrote him; “we would like to send other men to you. Have you found a good road into your area yet?” Livingston wrote back, “ if you have men who will only come if they know there is a good road, I don’t need them. I want men who will come if there is no road at all.”

We may not know what God has planned for us? But if we are about his kingdom we want worry about the road!

If you haven’t made it out to The Forge on Wednesday evening, you are missing out on something special! Come on out, all are welcome!

Announcements- 3rd F event, April 13th don’t miss it! Also my son “madden” gave his life to Christ this past Saturday! God is good!

prayer request: the lady that is our waitress at the Forge asked if we would pray for her and her grandson!

Thanks men for allowing the opportunity to lead!

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