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Good ole Volt had the Q this morning! And guess what… I was late! I rolled into Folsom at about 538, the pax were saying the pledge when I was rolling in, a good site to see! Little did I know what I was getting into!

warmup- so I’m told! Ssh, Hillbilly’s, Gravel pickers, 15ic

they moseyed to the flag at the entrance of Folsom, pledge, mosey the long way back to the playground! After running around looking for the pax, this is where I found them! Some were doing merkins, some were doing squats, and some were doing pull-ups, that’s when I was thinking “ if I just keep on running, I wonder if they will notice me?” I join up with the pax, yep a “Murph”! We finished the 20 sets of 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats, then run that last mile! I should have known when I saw Volt had the Q , it wouldn’t be easy!

Announcements- snowbird men’s retreat March 16-18

Prayer request- our families, the families and people in Florida!

Good work men! Good to see Bed pan out at Folsom this morning!

Volt took us out!

Invisible no longer!

Well… I’ve been talking trash for a couple of day’s to the pax at folsom so I had to deliver!

I rolled up at about 525, and there was already 3 or 4 waiting, and Huck was one of them! To our newest addition at folsom, Huck is no longer the invisible man, good to have you back Huck!

530 let’s get started! Warm up


toy soldiers 15ic

Warm up is over! I drop the tailgate on the truck, grab a block and head to the tennis courts!

Lining up on the first line for some Route 66,


Over Head Press



66 of each, and almost 3 miles in!

Times up! Good job men!

Announcements: March 16-18 Snowbird men’s retreat , for info go to swoutfitters.com / snowless tubing f3 dads February 17th or 18th not sure, get with Roscoe

Prayer Request: Def lepard, Roadie’s wife and family, Kiwi,

Also, last night at the Forge, Ashe Pond lead us in a study in Idolatry.

Idolatry is enjoying anything more than you enjoy God! My prayer request is that we enjoy God more than anything else!

Thanks for the opportunity!



5 showed at folsom this morning for some blocks and some reflecting!

For the workout, we moseyed, did some block work, mosey, block work, show to know!

Then about 610, I wanted to end things a little different! I wanted to share some things with the pax… yesterday was my last day of being 38! And all I could think about is how fast this life will be gone! This made me think about some things…

First, missed opportunities! Gospel opportunities! The main reason this has happened is because my focus has been on me and not on Christ! I don’t want to miss an opportunity to share the most important thing, Christ!

Second, I want to love my wife the way Christ loves the church! Again, I’m a selfish man! My prayer is God would lead me to love my wife, in a way that is much different then the way the world does, He would lead me to love her the way He does! Unselfishly!

Third, that I would teach my boys what it looks like to be a Man! Be watchful stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.

I don’t have a daughter, but if you have one, remember your the one who sets the bar for who she ends up with! SET IT HIGH! She to needs to know what a man looks like!

announcments… Wednesday night Forge! 630 to740 Grits and greens in Lowell.

Snowbird men’s retreat in March! Let me know if your interested?

Prayer request… Medicine Woman’s brother in law, Def Leppard, Aflac, and each other!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Still cold

When I got to folsom this morning, there where four pax there waiting on me! One guy gets out of his truck, and I’m thinking is that an FNG? Nope…. it’s Allen Tate! Good to see him!

Warm Up hillbilly’s 15 ic

10 burpees oyo

mosey to the flag for the pledge!

Then we moseyed a lot, stopped for some hip slappers along the way, moseyed some more, stopping for some four corner Dora at the bottom parking lot. Moseyed some more, Roadie saying “ this is not a running AO”, my reply is “ I’m Qing this “, but really I was just trying to stay warm! We moseyed some more, stopping for some merkins along the way, time to circle up!

Announcments: Joe Davis run this weekend

Wednesdays the “Forge” 630-730 at grits and greens in Lowell

Prayer request:

continue to pray for Roadie’s family, his wife’s grandmother passed away

Medicine Woman

Allen Tate’s friend passed away at 38, his wife and children!

And that we would be a light in the darkness, for God’s glory!

Good to see a bigger crowd on this cold morning! Pleasure leading!

Keep moving!

Jumped in the truck this morning to see 7 degrees ! When I pull up at folsom, Volt is ready and waiting!

Warm up …


Wind Mills

Time to mosey! Run to the top of the park for the pledge! Then move to the parking lot next to the flag, starting at the first curb 10, 20, 30 squats sprinting in between. Next, given pizza mans orders, 100 merkins! We spread them out knocked out 25, then moseyed to the ball fields 25 merkins, moseyed to the ponds 25 merkins, while at the lower parking lot 5 burpees at the 4 corners! Mosey back up to the flag for 25 more merkins! Mosey back to the truck!

If you deer hunt, you know the best time to go is when it’s cold, because the deer are gonna be moving! Now I know why they do!

Announcements: Joe Davis this weekend, Wednesday night 3rd F “The Forge”  at grits and greens from 630 to 730!

Prayer requests: my dad/ those that couldn’t make it out this morning/ all of us, that we would be a light that points people to Christ!



Dead lifts

I rolled into Folsom about 0620 to see Gumby ready, and Slaw and Sister Act where getting a little EC in. Shortly after Swimmer, then Oompa role in, circle up and get started!

SSH 15 ic

Toy Soldiers 15 ic

Mosey to the top of the park to the flag for the pledge, then mosey back to the start!

Its been a while since I had broke out the bars for some deadlifts!

Partner up! Deadlifts/ merkins- 25/20/15/10/5 a little mumble chatter at this point! When all pax finish, make one lap around the tennis counts! Return to the blocks!

Everybody grab a block and circle up!     Once we pick up the block, can’t set it down until completion!

Alternating overheard press and curls, 20 press, 20 curls, 19,19, we worked our way down to 1! Good stuff, everybody nailed it!

Mosey around the bottom parking lot, back to blocks! Pax started to put up blocks, hold up! One more exercise!

Squats/ triceps 10,10,9,9 down to one!

Announcements- next Monday convergence at the dark knight? I think! Joe Davis 5/10k on Jan 6th

Prayer request- Defs hip! Oompas Mom

Thanks men for allowing me to lead this morning!


Oh yeah, saw some old lady running, she looked like the pizza man from a distance? Hold up it was the pizza man! Good to see you this morning brother!



Tortoise and the hare

Sister Act brought it this morning! I rolled in a minute late and he had the pax doing Moroccan night clubs until I could join, mumble chatter already starting! 10 burpees OYO! Pledge, time to mosey! Made a lap around the park, little over a mile, meet up at the playground for a half Murph! That volt is a pull-up machine! Next…. tennis courts!

10 burbees

15 lunges each leg

20 imperial walkers

25 merkins

30 plank jacks

35 squats

sprint to the end of courts and back!

Repeat 3 times! Ouch I was dragging!

Next! 4 corner escalator!

First corner 10 WW1 , I think those Moroccan night clubs at the start must have slowed the pax down at this point!

corner 2- 10 WW1, 20 American hammers, there getting slower

corner 3- 10 WW1, 20 AH, 30 Mountain climbers I think pizza man and sister act where accusing me of cheating at this point lol, I tried to talk to them about pacing yourself!

corner 4- 10 WW1, 20 AH, 30 MC, 40 flutter kicks, that’s when gumby took the lead!

Repeat 4th corner, then back to to 3rd, times up!

Circle up! Announcements- bring shoes to pizza man

joe Davis 5/10k on Jan 6th

Prayer request- my mom, several people know someone who has passed away this week, pray for there families and loved ones! And pray for each other, life is short! Know where your gonna spend eternity! God loves you so much he sent His only son to rescue us!

Way to push the rock y’all! And way to bring a beat down sister Act!

And remember pace yourself!



Rolled out of bed this morning ready to go! Arrived at folsom around 525, Hank is in his truck waiting patiently, here comes Volt on my heels! As we get out of our trucks, here comes Gumby sliding in! We start to circle up,  and all we see are lights coming our way, Who is this? They pull in, we are giving them the stink eye, out jumps Gomer, long time no see!

Warm up!

ssh 15 ic

monkey humpers 15 ic

toy soldiers 15 ic

Then we mosey to the flag, as we head to the flag, Gomer informs us that he had worked all night, and that it was his 20th birthday, happy birthday Gomer! Say the pledge then head back to the trucks! Everybody grab a block! I’m thinking 20! That’s where we’ll start!

20 shoulder presses my count

20 curls my count

19,18, working out way down to one, without letting the block touch the ground! Lots of mumble chatter! Somewhere around 15 Gomer said he’s getting a call from the VFD, and he has to go! None of us heard the call? We finished with the blocks and mosey around the park to finish up! I think it came to 202 reps on the curls and presses, I’ll be filling that later!

The hole time we where there this morning we got to see God’s amazing light show, shooting star after shooting star, pretty awesome! Psalm 19:1 talks about how the heavens declare Gods glory! So true!

prayer request: all of us, that we would be the pastors of our homes, Medicine Woman is having a MRI of his leg today, and for the ones that weren’t there today we miss ya!

thanks for the chance to lead, and thank you Lord for the light show!

Block 66

Five resisted the fart sack this morning, for a good cool folsom morning! I️ pulled in the parking lot to see slaw came to visit. Not muck mumble chatter, 530! Time to warmup !

15 ssh ic

15 monkey humpers ic

15 hillbilly’s ic

Then off for a mosey to the top of the park for the pledge, plugged in a few lbc’s while we where there, then time to mosey back to my truck, drop the tailgate and grab a block! Took them to the tennis courts for a little Route 66, but in this case “ Block 66” , slaw asked earlier, “ are we gonna get to do some burpees?” I️ didn’t want to disappoint him, so even better blockees! After block 66, we move to the playground for some thrusters with the block, 15 ic , then 10 pull-ups pup, repeat! Then time for one last mosey, around the park! Great job this morning men!

I️ had shared with the group what I️ read last night on Desiring God Twitter page, the most repeated command in the Bible is for us to be happy/ not happiness in worldly desires, but being joyful in all things through Christ! Enjoying Him, and His creation! In the good times and bad! And let this be a testimony to those who don’t know Him, it draws people! And your gonna impact people one way for the other, do it in a way that glorifies God!

Anouncments: 630 WO on Thanksgiving morning, lead by the one and only Medicine Woman, Says he has something special planned! Christmas Town 5k this weekend!

Prayer request: Roadies wife’s grandma and Medicine Woman’s uncle! And all the rest of us! That people will see the joy of the Lord in us!



Maddens 11 for elevens!

0530 madden roles out of bed and he is ready to go! Excited about getting a chance to lead a group of f3 men! We pull into the park, he says dad you think anybody will be here? And the cars start coming in! As the pax are walking up I hear madden say ” I hope y’all are ready for a beat down”! 630 finally comes… time to get started! 15 ssh ic, 15 Don Qs ic, 15 hillbillys ic, 15 squats oyo, mosey to the tennis courts for some 11s ( full length of the courts) starting with merkins on one end and plank jacks on the other, we covered a mile in the first set of 11s! Madden saw he needed to modify the next set of 11s and cut out some of this running next set is burpees and jump squats and instead of running all the courts we only ran one! After this, madden turned it over to tooltime! Mosey around the tennis court… 50 flutter kicks ic… mosey to the flag… madden lead the pledge… then on your side for 25 oblique v ups, right then left… mosey to fork in the road…. 25 pretzel crunches right, and left side… mosey back to the starting point where tooltime turned it back over to madden! He lead us in some Mary to finish it out!

Announcements- 3rd f event next Friday, 2.0 event in November, hike / ruck in November

prayer request- a young lady named Ray I think who was a candidate for speed for need, but her health is not strong enough! Our country ! Madden took us out!

And I just want to say thanks to all of you for being a good example for Madden and Aflac ! Yall are good men, and i am thankful for you!



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