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Day: January 30, 2019

Day 2 HIPAAPALOOZA – Red Carpet Event

The Red Carpet was rolled out for HIPAAPALOOZA Monday morning at Mount Hollywood. It was a star-studded event that included 9 PAX ready for a HardCORE time. YHC was pleased to see the groupies make it out for day 2. YHC decided to do something I’ve never done before for a workout, make it  45 min core only. Let’s hope it goes over well with the PAX.

Today’s Groupies (To be a groupie you need to have posted 2 or more time during HIPAAPALOOZA):

Broke & Sister Act

Disclaimer – No FNG’s



Volcano Squats

Imperial Walkers


Slawter Starter! (20 Burpees OYO) – Lots of Sandy V about this one. Everyone said I needed to lead with that instead of doing it after . How bout shush your mouth and do the exercise!

Mosey 25 yards to the sidewalk

Core time with tunes!

*Lookup in the exicon if you dont know what these are

Captain Thor – 1BBSU:4 American Hammers (count Right side) – 10:40

Dirty Hookup – 20 IC

Pickle Pointers – 50 IC

Pickle Pounders – 50 IC

Australian Snow Angels – 15 IC

Hundreds – 100 OYO

Hurricane Hoedown – From 7 to 1

Protractors w/ Splits

Australian Mountain Climbers – 20 IC

High Plank – Almost 2 minutes





Broke took us out

Thanks to the Mount Hollywood PAX for coming out. Ya’ll need to watch out for Virus, my man was knocking out Captain Thor’s like it was nothing, and that is one tough exercise! True HIM pushing the rock.






The Forgotten BB

8 PAX chose the red pill and stayed for some pain. We did 54 minutes of AMRAP stuff and it sucked. Many complaints of YHC, a music teacher, not having music. Too bad.

Until next time,


Count Each Side!

It was cold, probably 23 degrees, so no time for chit chat, gotta keep the Pax moving.

Warmup: SSH I/C, 5 burpees; Imperial Walkers I/C, 5 burpees; Don Q’s I/C, 5 burpees, Moroccan Night Clubs I/C, 5 burpees

Mosey with high knees down to the guardrail. 25 dips, 25 incline merkins, rinse and repeat.

Mosey up to the circle, karaoke style. Bear crawl 1/2 and crab walk 1/2 around the circle, plank for the six.

Mosey up to the school, karaoke style.

This is where the cold must have affected a few. YHC called for 10 step ups (count each leg/single count), 10 calf raises, and 10 squats, then LBCs while waiting on the six. YHC finishes before Boudin and thinks, “this ain’t right”. Boudin must have thought the same thing since he asked YHC about the counting for the step ups. I kindly remind the pax this is single count, aka, count each leg (5 each leg for a total of 10). So we rinse and repeat this time x15. Boudin finishes well ahead this time… success!, but Dr. Suess and Radar did not get the message. One last time, on the step ups, you count each leg, so this next time, it will be a total of 20. Got it? Yes… success!

Grab some wall for 10 hip slappers (single count, in total), then wall sit, wait for it… sit deeper then air press I/C. Rinse and repeat with 20 hip slappers, wall sit, then deeper with air punches. Did Radar get the counting right? YHC doesn’t remember.

As the pax was discussing the counting instructions of YHC, the parking lot lights finally showed up, so we moseyed the short way down the sidewalk for YHC’s favorite, rugby sprints! In this sprint, a HIM calls an exercise that the Pax performs until the caller yells “GO”. Sprint to the far side (two street lamps), sprint back, then recover walk to the other side. Rinse and repeat. Don’t remember what was called, or how many were called, but we finished with enough time for a round of mary back at the start.


Announcements: Q source Sunday mornings, 7:30 am at cross roads and coconut horse. CSAUP (is that how it’s spelled?) in March, sign up by 2/16.


Prayer requests: Anchorman’s family, Breaker Breaker’s family, Tool Time’s trip

Dr. Seuss took us out.

And thanks to Dr. Seuss for driving YHC home.

It was an honor to lead you all



Man, it was tough walking out of the warm house into 19-20 degree chill this morning. On top of that, to run. Anyway, more than expected posted to get some miles in. Not a lot to really speak of happened, but a discussion about sciatica nerves came up. Hacksaw had been fighting a nerve issue in his lower back, hip, leg, and I found myself in the same boat a couple weeks ago. We both are mending pretty well, but something funny did come out of this discussion. “Wait til you’re running stiff legged because of the pain,” says Hacksaw. Montross was quick to respond, “yeah, looking like you gotta poop.” I know, maybe it wasn’t all that funny, but it made for an original BB name.

prayer requests; Rockabilly G-Ma, praise Bedpan’s M

YHC took us out in prayer.

way to work, glad to be a part of this F3 thing, and a part of this group of men.


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