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10 Pax made it out of the farsack to take on the gloom, with a special post by Freight, nice to see you brother. YHC taking the Q after the #Gashouse Murph was a challenge no doubt. We had one FNG so the disclaimer was delivered and the warm up began.

Warm up; SSH, Merican; cause we didn’t do enough yesterday, Monkey Humpers, Toy Soldiers, CDD’s, Windmills, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, Trunk Side Stretch, all X 15 IC. Now that Sparky and the Flag appeared we hit the Pledge.

The Thang; YHC dediced to just go with it off the cuff so the Pax moseyed to the far picnic shelter and started off with 3 sets of Dips and Squats x 20 IC. After a quick count off we moseyed to the ampitheater for some Rocky Balboas, Hip Slappers and Donkey Kicks. 20 Rocky Balboas on the short wall OYO and BTW for 10 Hip slappers IC. Another round of 20 OYO RB’s and 10 Donkey Kicks IC. Last round of 20 RB’s OYO and BTW one more time for 5 IC hip slappers and 5 IC Donkey Kicks. Man that is one exercise that sounds good in cadence. Aye! Nice work men. The Pax then moseyed over to the playground for 3 sets of 10 OYO chinups and 30 flutterkicks. Trying to get rid of the soreness from the Murph, no luck with that. YHC had been looking for a hill to try a SOB exercise that is defintely a challenge. Group sprint up hill. While locked with the pax beside you at the elbow, 5 wide, sprint up approx. 30 yrd hill; repeato 3 times. Mosey back to parking lot for the F3 staple. 10, 8 count burpees IC. Crowdpleaser for sure. #DFQ

NMM; YHC didn’t know what to bring to the Pax this am. Tried to keep it moving and the Pax were up for the challenge. Nice job men. An honor to lead. Way to push the rock. It doesn’t get any easier you just get stronger. #DRP

COT; Announcements, Prayer Requests, Namorama, FNG naming; Welcome Mr. Bean.

BOM; Sparky, thank you sir.

Gashouse Murph #BB

24 Pax and 1 traveler appeared for the Murph this morning. TClaps ToolTime. This is a special day and for all the veterans out there, THANK YOU! YHC did not expect the number that made it out of the fartsack this morning; nice work men. YHC shared a short story of Michael Murphy and a disclaimer for the FNG’s. TClaps to these guys, Cougar and Breeder you showed for one of the hardest workouts that YHC has ever done, nice work. Hope to see you back out in the gloom. With that said.

Warm Up; SSH, CDD, LBC’s x 10 IC

Thang; Run 1 mile around Martha Rivers Park and meet back at the playground for the exercises to begin.
100 Pullups
200 Mericans
300 Squats
YHC attacks these 600 reps in 10 sets of 10, 20, 30. The pax can choose how to bust up the reps as long as you get the 600 reps. #DFQ, #DRP. It was an awesomoe sight to see the pax pushing each other. Just the thought about the service and sacrifice that the Veterans have made gives you little extra drive to complete a workout like this. All Gave Some, Some Gave ALL. #Respect. After the 600 reps there was one last task to complete. 1 Mile Run. Way to dig deep men. It was pleasure and honor to lead you this morning.

Moleskin; Definitely one of the toughest workouts out there; to know that Michael Murphy completed this a 20Lb vest or his combat gear on is amazing. The pax all pushed each other and didn’t forget the six this morning. Nice work by all. Jobu nice to have you back with the Pax sir. TSquare and Roscoe tclaps for the H2O fellas. #NoDNBatMarhaRivers AYE!

COT; Namorama; FNG’s, Cougar and Breeder. Breeder my apologies sir, I thought you said breeding was a hobby. Nice work men.
Pledge; Stroganoff thanks for the flag.
BOM; Monk thanks for taking us out.
Enjoyed it men. Till the next one.

Lake loop with some extras

It was a hot humid day at Midoriyama so I figured a nice trail run would get us out of the sun…at least for the most part.


Side straddle hop

Merkin jacks

Air squats




Heading towards the Lake loop, we see Billy Madison coming in hot so we welcome the chance to get in some merkins and flutter kicks. With those exercises down continue to head to the Lake loop hitting the kid  trail to get there. We stop at the picnic tables for some dips to get our arms going….off we go on the Lake loop. Throughout the trail run we gathered up for some V-ups, CDD’s, and Homer Marge’s. Great work by the PAX on the trail run but time to hit slider hill. We pushed through 5 sets on slider hill ending with 5 burpees. No time to rest…lets mosey to the steps for calf raises and we had just enough time for two sets of pull-ups then mosey back to the flag.

Pledge of alligence



Great work by all the PAX that came out!!! Always a pleasure to get to lead!!

Chapel Hill?

Lincolnton is off to a great start with a lot of support, however the FNGs are in short supply but what they may lack in quantity, they are making up with in quality. We started with a couple FNGs (combined age of 31 years) with a disclaimer then we got started with the warmup.

Several laps of moseying around the church parking lot with plain ol’ mosey, high knees, side shuffle left, side shuffle right, and karaoke. Circle up for some exercises IC: SSH, Squats, LBCs, Merkins, and Flutter Kicks in honor of my Co-Q who loves the kick de-la flutter’ then I handed the keys over to Stroganoff.

We moseyed to the parking lot past the poison ivy for a Tarheel Grinder-much tougher than the fabled Wolfpack Grinder….IC exercise, lap around the parking like, exercise OYO then plank for the 6. Exercises were as follows:

15 IC Squats, lap, 25 Merkins, Plank

15 IC Squats, lap, 30 Mount Climbers, Plank

Quick discussion about not Q’ing what you cannot do and You vs You-work to get better and not against the Pax next to you. Stroganoff also shared his favorite things about North Carolina including Chapel Hill, the University of North Carolina Tarheels and his favorite color which happens to be Carolina Blue. He also showed us pictures of him with his Tarheel underoos when he was a boy. He also showed us pictures of him on Christmas morning opening up a gift from his brother- a Tarheel colored leisure suit he wears around the house when he is not cheering on the Tarheels at basketball and football games.It was a really special moment for him and we all were very happy to hear about his love for the Tarheels.

15 IC Squats, Lap, 25 Merkins, Plank

21 IC Squats, Lap, 30 Mountain Climbers, Plank

Recover then mosey to the bottom of the hill across the field.

Partner work with Dora 1-2-3: Aggregate 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 Flutter Kicks

Partner 1 starts the exercise while partner 2 runs up the hill (Stroganoff wanted to call this hill Chapel Hill but we told him maybe it was not such a good idea-he insisted on calling it that the rest of the workout) and past the 2nd bench then down the other side of (Chapel) hill. Upon returning the partners switched and kept track of the exercise until all were mostly completed.

The keys were then handed back to Whoopee….

We stayed down on the soccer field below Chapel Hill and kept the partner theme going. We divided up into 4 equal groups of 4, 4, and 5 pax and started a few rounds of “Do the called exercise while your partner runs across the field and back then tags the next partner who runs across the field and back and tags the next partner….” with the exercises as follows: SSH, Merkin, Flutter Kicks (again bec my CoQ loves flutter kicks almost as much as he loves the Tarheels). We did a few rounds of this until the appropriate amount of mumblechatter had been reached-can’t remember if it was a lot of mumblechatter or none…

Next we did an original exercise I came up with while sitting at home the night before as I grumbled over something before going to bed-Lincolnton Zombie Lunge Walk: start with 1 burpee then do 2 lunges with each leg then 3 burpees then 4 lunges with each leg then 5 burpees… until you get to 9 burpees and 10 lunges with each leg then mosey back to where you started from. Just for the record, this can stay in Lincolnton.

We then introduced the Lincolntonians (is that a word?) to AMRAP (as many reps as possible). We did the called exercise for 45 secs AMRAP then took a 15 second rest then did next exercise for 45 seconds…..The exercises included the following:SSH, Merkins, LBCs. I had more but we were low on time so we moseyed back to start, said the pledge, then quick discussion on the need to EH guys in Lincolnton to make sure this AO stays alive. There are some great guys posting here and likely plenty more who will in the future once they see what is happening-just need to get them out here.

We finished with a BOM and a prayer from Stroganoff then it was off to the coffeerama at Ingles which may just be one of the best coffeeramas around, almost worth the drive from GasHouse…

On the way back I got to hear about Stroganoff’s favorite memories of Chapel Hill and the Tarheels. It made my heart warm and fuzzy when I saw the twinkle in his eyes and smile on his face as he shared those special memories…..

Until next time-Whoopee

Stroganoff sent me his portion and told me to add anything but I put it exactly, word for word, 100% just how he sent it to me without (many) changes.


Gashouse Remembers

What a wonderful Saturday morning beginning with DiVinci leading the 3rd F at 0630. #Jerimiah20 #TomSawyer #MeanMeanStride

Then at 0700, after our disclaimer, 18 PAX circled up for some warm-up including SSH, Merkins, Lunges and Flutter Kicks.

Mosey to flag & bellowed out the Pledge.

T-Square trashed his original weinke in exchange for an idea from Spud. T-claps to his input.

Moseyed up Garrison; stop at red light & hit some LBC’s.

Mosey over & up Dixon. Stop for some Flutter Kicks.

Finish moseying up Dixon to New Hope. Stop at corner & get some Slo-Mo Don Quixotes.

Mosey up to corner at Robinwood. Got in some reps of something I can’t remember.

Mosey up to Gaston Memorial. Now for the cool part. Mosey into GM & up to Memorial Wall of Fallen Service Folks. Took a few minutes to reflect. SUPER COOL. HUMBLING!

Moseyed back toward Sherwood School. But we had to stop along New Hope, with our backs to traffic, knock out some Monkey Humpers (by request of Flush). Finished up first half at Sherwood & passed remaining time to The Bandit.

In the parking lot at Sherwood, we partnered up for Eleven’s with Burpees and LBCs. This is 10 reps of burpees on one side of parking lot, run to other side for 1 rep of LBC. Continue back and forth across parking lot with reps of each exercise increasing and decreasing respectively (i.e. 9/2,8/3,7/4, etc…). Watching the clock carefully, called Oklahoma (that is Bandit-speak for Omaha) after 5 rounds.

With the clock counting down, Bandit was working to get the PAX back to the starting point before the stagecoach turned into a pumpkin. Next we ran a short distance to the track and stopped at the hill to finish up our parter-Elevens – this time with LBC at the bottom and squats at the top (6/5, 5/6, 4,7, etc…).

After a quick countdown, Bandit lead the PAX through Sherwood Forest and to the parking lot at First Pres for a short up hill lunge walk before a quick run back to the Scheile parking lot for some plank work and to finish off with those favorite dying cockroaches.

We finished with the COT. Great to see F3 continue to grow in Gastonia. Welcome to FNG Jason Austell (Woodstock) who closely evaded the Mary Poppins moniker by a slim margin. We finished today remembering those soldiers and service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our safety and freedom. For them, we are truly grateful.

Great work men! Humbled and honored to lead F3 Gastonia PAX.


Advisory Group Preblast June 5

OK GasHouse, summer is here and it’s time to get serious. The annual beach trip will be here soon and although you may not have the guns of BA or the 6 pack of Roscoe, at least you are still posting and making progress.

We have our monthly Advisory Board meeting on Sunday, June 5 at Tequila’s downtown at 7pm. It is open to ALL PAX so come if you are able. We have a few things on the agenda that we need input on plus they have cold beer and pretty good quesadillas. Here are some things we will be discussing so you can start coming up with some ideas beforehand:

CSAUP GasHouse Style-need to start planning our official first CSAUP (we had the 1 yr anniversary but that was local or by special invitation and a great start). Got some great ideas to consider and would like someone (or a few) to take the reins on this.

CSAUP support for other regions-Hog and Coyote, Bear, Goat, CottonMouth (and others) as well as an F3 golf tournament at Old Sycamore. You can find these on the F3 website or look for them on Twitter.

I am sure we will come up with some other things to talk about so try to make it if you are able.



Bad news, Bears

16 PAX showed on a balmy Friday morning at the Rotary Pavilion.  It was great to see Gastone from CLT Metro and the Gashouse’s Turtleman who hasn’t posted since the inaugural Gastonia F3 workout in March of 2015.  I had contemplated doing something different and turning my Weinke upside down and starting from the bottom and working up.  That would be the “pre-exhaust” method of working out but since there were 16 I thought I should keep it in order this time.

After a very brief “I am an idiot” disclaimer we hit the warmup.  SSH 25ic, Merkin 20 ic, Squat 20 ic, CDD 10ic, LBC’s 20ic, Imperial Walker (with a brief snipped of theme music…thanks Bandit!)

After the Pledge of Allegiance we moseyed around the parking lot and planked for the 6 at the bridge.  The first exercise was a bear crawl across the bridge and a lunge walk back.
The second exercise was a bear crawl inchworm across the bridge and a lunge walk back.  The bridge is about 77 yards across.  Great effort from the PAX and got the sweat rolling.

We then ran a bit down Main Street and met at the wall for some ascending testicles.  Ten merkins at 15 degrees, almost ten at 45 degrees which ended up being a hold before the “recover” command was given.  I think the bearcrawls smoked the shoulders a little early.  The Mumblechatter was picking up a bit so it must have been popular.

Another mosey around downtown to the bank for some sets of Heels to sky/Derkins and then Flutterkicks/Derkins and then to the parking deck.  Partner up with P1 doing pullups to failure and P2 running to the wall and performing merkins.  This exercise was on the clock so maybe three rounds before moseying to the “art”.

A round of single leg lunges and plank/shoulder taps/merkins and then a mosey back to the Pavilion for a catcher’s stance until the last few seconds drained off the clock.  Time was called and we hit the name-o-rama.

Announcements:  3rd F tomorrow morning at 0630, Bandit with the Q at 7.  Memorial Day Murph at Martha Rivers…0650 warmup, 0700 start time  Derecho is cancelled Monday.  The GOAT convergience next Saturday in Charlotte…Park Road shopping center 0600 start (3 hour projected time 6-9 miles running and beatdowns in between).

COT:   Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving.  Remember their sacrifices this weekend and honor them by being the best American’s you can be.


Hitting the corners

5 Pax in a circle wondering if the previous 2 workouts have eliminated the rest of the Folsom crew. Wait, what’s that coming from a distance? Is it Bo or Luke, no it’s the other good ole boy in the bright orange General Lee, Allen Tate to give us 6 for this workout.

Warm up:
SSH x 15
Moroccan night clubs x 15
Reverse x 15
Wind mills x 15
Monkey Humpers x 15

Mosey to tennis court
4 corners – all IC
Corner 1 – 5 merkins
Mosey to corner 2
Corner 2 – 5 merkins, 10 lbcs
Mosey to corner 3
Corner 3 – 5 merkins, 10 lbcs, 15 CDD’s
Mosey to corner 4
Corner 4 – 5 merkins, 10 lbcs, 15 CDD’s 20 flutter kicks
Mosey to corner 1 to do in reverse order
20- merkins
Mosey to corner 2
20- merkins, 15 lbcs
Mosey to corner 3
20 merkins, 15 lbcs, 10 CDD’s
Mosey to corner 1
20 merkins, 15 lbcs, 10 CDD”s, 5 flutter kicks
Round 2
Corner 1 5 squats
Mosey to corner 2
5 squats, 10 Bobby Hurleys
Mosey to corner 3
5 squats, 10 Bobby Hurleys, 15 seal jacks
Mosey to corner 4
5 squats, 10 Bobby Hurleys, 15 seal jacks, 20 slow squats

Round 3 PAX choice for corners
Mary Lou corner 1 – 20 burpees
Allan Tate.corner 2 – 20 moroccia night clubs
Hydrant corner 3 – 20 mountain climbers
Huckleberry corner 4 – 20 Hillbillies

Circled up for Mary
Mary Lou – 5 merkins
Allan Tate – can’t remember x 10
Hydrant – 22 merkins ( in remembrance of soldiers )
T-ball – Russian twist x 10
Shingle – ABC’s capital letters

Still with more time we decided to take another lap with 15 LBC’s at each corner

Mosey to circle –

Name a Roma – no FNG’s
1 Huckleberry
2 Mary Lou
3 Hydrant
4 Allen Tate
5 T Ball
6 Shingle

Prayer request
each other as men
The group
The country

It is an honor, and my privilege to be apart of this, and to be able to lead you guys. Great workout today guys.

The Decent

12 gentle goats came out. None decode the cryptic message I tweeted out but showed up none the less. Pax didn’t look to into this morning but the Shepard waits for no one. So this is what happened.


High knees, butt kicks, side steps L & R, Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC, Imperial Storm Troopers x 20 IC, Toy Soldiers x 20 IC, Windmills x 20 IC, Cherry Pickers x 20 IC


The Thang:

Lap run

25 LBC’s
25 Mericans
25 WWII Sit ups
25 Carolina Dry Docks
25 Mountain Climbers

Lap run

24 LBC’s
24 Mericans
24 WWII Sit ups
24 Carolina Dry Docks
24 Mountain Climbers

Lap run

23 LBC’s
23 Mericans
23 WWII Sit ups
23 Carolina Dry Docks
23 Mountain Climbers

Lap run

22 LBC’s
22 Mericans
22 WWII Sit ups
22 Carolina Dry Docks
22 Mountain Climbers

Lap run

Mosey to the bridge.

DORA 1,2,3
100 mericans
200 LBC
300 squats

Mosey back to parking lot

Russian Twist 20ic

Great work guys. Just over 2 miles put down. You will feel those WWII SIT UPS for a couple of days.

Always a great time leading a great group of guys. Remember to read and get on mailing list to stay informed. Remember also all prayer request. Til next time!!! Aye!

Non-Stop Cardio Beatdown

As usual the PAX met at Snowball’s parking lot. There were 10. As we gathered, bets were pondered on whether Spiderman would post, and if so, would anyone see him arrive. HOW DOES HE DO THAT?

Warm Up

  • SSH IC X 10
  • Mericans IC X 10
  • Don Quixote IC X 10
  • Imperial Walker IC X 10
  • Mountain Climber IC X 10

The Thang(s)

Mosey to Martha Rivers parking lot for a round of Johnny Cash (mistakenly called Ring of Fire, but similar). Each man in circle (i.e. the Ring of Fire) does 1 Merican in sequence while rest of PAX planks. We did total of 10 rounds (for English majors that is 10 Mericans each).

Mosey through parking lot, and eventually picnic benches next to field 4 where we completed Shoulder Dips IC x 20. After a quick countdown, we continued with another set IC x 5. I think we might have thrown in a quick set of SSH IC x20.

Mosey to field 4 for some 4 Corners OYO with 10 Mericans, 20 CDDs, 30 Squats and 40 LBCs. PAX planks for the 6. Rinse and repeat once again.

Mosey across field 4 and then a few short hill climbs. Up the hill, into the woods a short ways, then back down the hill. Rinse and repeat. After that we did three sets of Dying Cockroaches IC x 20, x 10, x5 (last ones were done SLOW for extra crispy burn).

Mosey back to Martha Rivers parking lot, stopping outside the restrooms to use the wall for 3 sets of Donkey Kicks. IC x 10.

Mosey back towards Snowballs, stopping along the way for 20 reps of Little Baby Dips along the curb.

Last mosey gets us all the way back to Snowballs parking lot where we finished up.

About 7 MOM – People’s Choice…

  • Mericans IC x 5 (Flintstone)
  • Mericans IC x 10 (Hushpuppy – who cut in line)
  • Scissor Kicks IC x 40 (Stroganoff – who graciously waited his turn, and un-graciously drove PAX to death by Scissor Kicks)
  • Ski Abs IC x 20? (Short Sale)
  • WWI Sit Ups IC x 20? (Monk)
  • Mason Twists IC x 20 (T-Square)
  • Freddy Mercury IC x 20 (JJ)
  • LBC IC x 20 (EZ Rider)
  • Homer/Marge (Courtesy of Squeeker – however many it was, it was too many)

Naked Man Moleskin

There was absolutely NO resting today. There was even some whisper’s about a mutiny – of course YHC did not care (or believe it). Tried to keep a quick pace between exercises to really get the cardio going. While there were rumors among the PAX of the driving force behind the accelerated pace, none were either confirmed or denied. If anyone want’s their money back… TOO BAD! Oh, in case you were wondering, Spiderman fart sacked, but no one lost any money.

We finished up with COT. Prayer request for Stroganoff’s family as his father-in-law (battling cancer) was readmitted to the hospital, also to Monk’s graduating college students (and many others) looking for jobs, T-Square’s family going through loss of loved ones, and a church member/friend of Hush Puppy’s who lost her husband.

I’m glad to be here! Always a pleasure to lead among this group of #HIM!

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