• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/02/2023
  • AO: The Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Chili, Tricycle, Slaw, Sargento, JJ, Tesla, Broke, Norwood, Wikileaks, Gumby, Bedpan, Nutria, TimeFrame, Tardi Gras, Stogie, Eh Y'all, Dr. Seuss, Doodles, Sarlacc, Hunchback, Cheesesteak, Balljoint, Fruity Pebbles, Ocho, Orangeman, Breaker Breaker, CPap, Wojo, ShortSale, Def Leppard, Purple Haze, Tiger, Watts Up, Flintstone, Tube, Anchorman, Volt, Gavel, Pony Boy, Medicine Woman, Whoopee, Stogie

So we had 4 Q’s for the 4th Quarter convergence at the Yank.  We had five runners  for 5 early miles and one rucker for a solo effort prior to the start.  The best part was Whoopee introducing himself to Cheesesteak and thinking he said “Cheesedick” and then introducing Cheesedick* to Ballsack* (balljoint)

*Don’t let your kids read this…

In any event, everyone who showed up was in good spirits as Sargento led us in a pledge of allegiance and then ordered us to mosey to the Bunker for a warm up.

We did some goofballs and some merkins and some other things before we counted off and got in groups of four for some ring of fire-esque bearcrawl/lungewalk around the circle thing.  It was great.  Lots of mumblechatter.  After Sargento, he handed off to Gavel who ordered us to run to the track behind the old Belmont MS.  YHC had a great conversation with Sargento and Def Leppard about chaffing in the nether regions (8miles requires some astro glide) and dollar store bandaids for nipples.

Gavel had us doing some field work 11’s with some WW2 and Mike Tyson’s.  Slaw was killing it before we ran out of time and handing it to Flintstone.
Flintstone ordered up three wise men options for triple nickle, zombie walk thingy, and some other thingy followed by some Morrocan nightclubs.  Then YHC took over and ordered PAX to partner with someone they didn’t know very well.  We ran back to the bunker and each PAX was to share something that was previously unknown about them to the other PAX.  I partnered with Orangeman and learned quickly he is not gay, or willing to learn, and he has never tried it (TMI), but he is very proud of all three of his daughters for individual reasons.

When we got to the bunker, we kept partners and alternated doing burpee long jumps and lunge walks for a couple rounds in the lot, followed by endless merkins while the other partner took the stairs and a lap and switched up.

The mumblechatter was strong with guys chatting it up and enjoying plenty of second F.  YHC called a jailbreak back to the Yank and called time.  There was a massive Q Fail when we had to “take two” on the video nameorama but you have to own it!

We shared prayer concerns for Jackson Hall, Huckleberry, Jane Fonda, and TURTLEMAN.

Breaker took us out in prayer and a dude with a Trump hat and a Nascar jacket took a group photo and then Stogie skipped breakfast to fellowship and hopefully EH the man to F3.

Many PAX left to eat breakfast at other places like TimeOut and Byrum’s but we had a nice showing at Cherubs where discussed needing to EH a plumber to F3 and a gynecologist whereby Balljoint said, “isn’t that the same thing?”

One thing we learned is when you have four Q’s for an hour time flies.  I could have kept going and even the EC run wasn’t long enough.  You guys are fun to be around and it is always something to look forward to every single day.

F3 is a blessing to me and I am honored to spend time with you and be your Nantan this year.  I hope to see most of you at the Christmas party where we learn who will be the 2024 Nantan and leadership team.  Ballsack said he is performing Vanilla Ice on the karaoke too so there is that.

I will probably write a Christmas party BB but just in case, I want to thank the 2023 SLT.

Flinstone, Balljoint, Stogie, Dr. Seuss, Gavel, Purple Haze, Sarlacc.

I also want give a special shout out to GEARWRENCH who had the hardest job because you joker’s aren’t consistent with getting your backblasts in on time.