• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 09/15/2021
  • AO: The Labyrinth
  • QIC: Clavin ( R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Cougar, EZ Rider, Folgers (R), Time Frame, Captain Stubing

Last week on Slack, Slick sent query out about the use of acronyms and what’s up with all the different names etc of F3. This got me to ponder just how to use this in an educational Weinke that would challenge my knowledge, that of all who post as well as help to bring junior members of our group up to speed. Unfortunately Slick did not post today but hopefully others benefited and perhaps if Slick is one of few brave souls would to read this …..
Begin by disclaimer spelling out who I am as Q and what that  entails …. Moving into part of the core principles which I would elaborate in further detail as the workout progressed. I begin our exercises with Morroccan Night Clubs and then Toy Soldiers afterwards in order to keep us moving whilst I talked hoping to not be struck down as I was once not too long ago while talking on …. Never mind, water under the bridge! 
I then introduce the Imperial walker explaining that exercises can have single count ( call on one side, count both sides as single ….but that these instructions must be made clear to pax ( explains who and what the pax are then giving an OYO count explaining this too. Somewhere in this mumble chatter begins and I elaborate on how we are not professionals ( indeed I also point out how we should and do represent our community in that we are a cross section of all regardless of age or background … and that we all are here to improve ourselves and add something to the community ). Mumble chatter can help relieve tension or seriousness and even be used to “rattle” the Q in a fun manner. Nothing we do should belittle others … that is not the goal. Now I move us on into the realm of the cadence count explaining key differences in exercises using one motion twice ( merkin) as opposed to the flutter of each leg counting once in count.  Also that raise voice to single end of exercise. We then perform a small number of merkins, wide merkins ( or werkins), plank jacks, mountain climbers, diamond merkins, Spider man ( of Peter Parker’s) . Along the way explain how we are to remain in plank ( as in board plank) until released to “ Recover!” I explain how we meet in the gloom before sunrise or just before sunset and that we concentrate on three Main areas of focus being the legs, upper body and the core and that there are multiple workouts to help you achieve any goals you may have either with rucking with a weighted vest, running exclusively, workouts with coupons ( that these are bricks or cinder blocks) and that there is also Pain lab ( forgot to mention  That is when we use “toys”). I also point out how F3 is exclusive to men only that we do not tend to bond as easily as women but that this is a great vehilcle to move each other into role models for our families or in the community.  Along the way I also point out how we have now covered two of the three Fs  … fitness and fellowship and that we end with a circle of trust coming together in Faith.

getting onto our butts or 6 I now explain what the six is and that it can also refer to those in the back of the pack who need some assistance as we should never leave anyone behind. From here we would perform flutters, Lbcs ( or little baby crunches) Freddy Mercury’s, also the Bug boy which also is known as the WW1 and that if you lift your knees you then are performing WW 2 s.   Next on agenda is the S S H ( side straddle hop) or jumping jack. I showed two versions , one using a standard count and another speeding up the count. I also tell all that sometimes we can perform HIIT ( high intensity interval training ) doing as many of an  exercise in a prescribed time.  We would complete this round with 2 burpees as some exercises don’t need another name as they suck no matter what!

now came the fun part as I would have Folgers to call an exercise as I remember he has only led once before … he would surprise me calling out First American hammers and then Hello Dollys, neither that I had used up to that point. I then had him to choose an exercise in cadence for which he chose SSH.  
next I called on Cougar who gave us merkins In cadence along with flutters I think. 
both men did well and as I explained this was a teaching moment as we should strive to grow our newer recruits into the leadership roles that they will assume later on. This whole workout was created primarily out of a need to help the newer recruits as we have not had very many new bodies , in fact we have many absent faces and even lower numbers. 
niw we run over to gym behind Harris Teeter where a young lady last week planted flags spelling out never forget 9/11 . We planked for approximately one minute of silent reflection and then completed 25 merkins.  Mosey to Robinson Elementary ( no more light on track …. Take note!!!!) go to covered awning to do 2 rounds of dips, derkins and step ups and return home! 
there were of course many other things I explained on F 3 but just hitting much of the highlights…. Realize that this only scratches the surface !!!

prayers for EZ Riders family

Cougars Grand mother

Forest view high school situation