• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 09/08/2021
  • AO: 2nd F Event
  • QIC: Clavin (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Folgers (R), Whoopee (R), Captain Stubing, Slick, Maybelline
  1. Arriving as lightning flares and flashes across the sky …. Perhaps a portent? Couple of ladies out early …. No EC runners/ Rucker’s or other anywhere in sight .. in fact the parking lot looks almost as gloomy as 2 weeks ago.
    Then a flurry of activity as Whoopee, Folgers, Slick and Captain Stubing arrive followed by someone else I’ve not met yet … Maybelline! Pledge and give 3/4 disclaimer …. More than I’ve done in a while.
    Today was really surprising ( isn’t it always) as the mumble chatter almost was non existent ….yes, Whoopee stayed with us the whole time! Perhaps he’s in no nonsense mode just like me…

we would reminisce of Toto , discuss where the name Folgers came from , splashing merlot, why Maybelline,  I would realize that Slick lives on my route, and that he very craftily won the piggyback at the pool award on Labor Day! Then Professor Captain Stubing regaled all with knowledge of the Joyce family feud from the 1800’s(Slicks other name as well as Stubing)  asking whether he was a “possum” or a “raccoon”. He was unaware of this information. And we must not forget Bone Frog which my boy and Time Frame and his boy will be doing this weekend. folks may or may not remember Padre from about 3 years ago, he also will be there along with 19 others ( some of which are OC veterans ) he was the one who started me with this passion.


prayers were for folks battling depression, Turtleman, Flintstone family and boy whom we refer to as our .5 as he is mostly with our family and at vacation most often ….. last week he lost his main caregiver …. His grandmother.



doubtful anyone cares what happened but we did multiple stuff adding in Skywalker routine I’ve used before and bear crawl at pool ramp/ stairs ( don’t think anyone’s ever used this …run side to side touch curb and escalator/ de escalator but with a serious twist reverse the numbers so that each exercise sucked ( four corners 25-50-75-100 ….. do exercises in reverse but do same numbers as above attached to different exercises!!)   Lastly I also had pax to try this ( not so easy, but you should try if you’ve read this far!)  when on your six having finished any routine…. Roll up onto feet and stand up …. Do NOT USE HANDS  to push up !! Good luck .
Timed perfectly