• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 09/22/2021
  • AO: The Labyrinth
  • QIC: Clavin ( R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Watts Up (R), Slick, Captain Stubing, Purple Haze (R), Hushpuppy

Truth can be fictioner than strange….. or maybe it’s something close to that …. We’ll see….

here’s some fun Gastonia facts:

did you know there’s at least one ( I’m  told 2, but can’t confirm other ) ….. bunker house…. There’s also a house on Hoffman road that half of the first floor is underground ( mucho  power savings)…. Also there is a tree planted 50 years ago that the homeowner says is a Redwood ….. house very close to Publix!


Just how BAD can it get?

The warm up:
Plank …shoulder taps….merkins, LBCF’s, Mahktar N’Diayes, Smurf Jacks , jump lunges, Kneetar N’Diayes ( from Lake Wylie folks) yes these REALLY suck …. Use Kees instead of arms, hand release merkins, burpees, man makers, and brought back Skywalkers… and added new exercise …. The Mandalorian ( thought this up last night …. Squat all the way to the ground and “waddle” distance called just as if you were the Foundling, Child or whatever you want to call IT) patent NOT pending!

lastly let’s add a hand release merkin and a jump into the Man Maker….. truly suck worthy!


mosey to old abandoned bank for hip slappers


lots of queries about whether or not I hated the knees ( I certainly hate mine for the meniscus tear a few years back!) my vertical went from an impressive 4 inches to now 2 1/2 centimeters!!


  • over to Gastones hill where I inform  the masses of Gastones latest,, seems he tried to move a refrigerator by himself and dropped it on his foot breaking his big toe ( maybe it was really his tibia).

so to honor him we would hop on one leg at every mailbox up 10 times alternating feet at each box since I neglected to ask which toe.

the really bad thing is instead of calling on ANY pax he called his old friend Turtleman to help who very sagely gave HIM directions on where to go and how to get there!

since I believe that Gastone threw out his back as well we now performed 5 HRM at each box up ( Purple Haze was amazed at how many boxes there were …. I think he lost count about 12)

lastly we had to nur and do 10 flutters count only one side up to first road ( now on right)

return home and as it is suicide prevention/ awareness month perform 22 single count merkins for the vets.

now it needs a to be told that Watts Up ( after a very lengthy stay away) has returned to the Labyrinth only he had a very wet CVS receipt that he proceeded to beat me mercilessly  with for neglecting backblasts and told me to pass this message along to Hipaa and Sledge and all the others that he will not tolerate this disrespect any longer … violators will receive the same “message”

and Watts Up also deserves credit for rucking prior to this morns beatdown

earlier in the workout there was talk about Slick being a station manager of Catawba station ….. I’m curious how he wound up with such a vague colloquialism ( why not go with dude, bro, fella or hey, you!) Do we already have a Mr. Burns? Smithers? Meltdown? Fusion? Fission?  Homer ? Anything ? 
Tool Time once called for a name change ( Braveheart) ….. perhaps, again?

announcements: snowbirds, jj5k, convergence, others

also…. Won’t you help me locate our next site Q for Labyrinth? Perhaps it’s calling out to you!

prayers Hushpuppys M, Watts Ups boss’s sister-in-law recovery, Big Pappy family