• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 07/20/2021
  • AO: The Storm
  • QIC: Bubba Sparxxx
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Boudin, Pilgrims Progress, Termite (R), Spork, Dirt (R), Vidal Sassoon, Olsen, Clampett

9 PAX showed up at The Storm and were introduced to the partner with whom they would spend most of the upcoming 45 min. As far as I know, there were no complaints about the assigned partners.

A Kotter, “Spork”, made an appearance after about a 2-year hiatus. (He’s obviously been staying fit since his last F3 post, though, including a 4-month-long hike of the entire Appalachian Trail. He recently got back from that hike, and still kept up with the PAX just fine.)

Some PAX got in some EC ahead of time, which included some running and also NUOS training in prep for the August 6th-7th GrowRuck.

No FNGs, brief disclaimer.

WARM UP———————–

Alarm Clocks; SSH (IC), Morroccan Night Clubs (IC)

THE THANG——————–

Mosey to the school entrance

Partner Stations
Station 1 – Burpees / Squats
Station 2 – CrunchyFrogs / SSHs
Station 3 – StepUps / MtnClimbers
Station 4 – Dips / Merkins
At each station:
Partner 1 does 10 Reps of Exercise 1, while Partner 2 does 20 reps of Exercise 2, then switch exercises. Repeat with 9/18 reps, 8/16 reps, down to 1/2 reps.
After each station, partners Run together up the hill to the Roundabout on Lakewood Road and back to the school.
Proceed to the next Station until all Stations have been completed.

Rugby Sprints
From Lightpole to Lightpole in the parking lot. Sprint, Walk back. We got about 4 reps in.

The PAX circled up for Mary, and knocked out one exercise, while YHC got his phone from the car.



Rocky Branch Park in Belmont is (re)opening on August 7th after major construction and improvements. Check it out! Go yourself, with family, on a bike, for a run, or for a walk.

Prayer Requests
Turtleman Recovery
Safety for those who are travelling

Link to Name-O-Rama on Twitter

Dirt took us out.

—Bubba Sparxxx