• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/08/2021
  • AO: The Storm
  • QIC: Dark Helmet
  • FNG's: No FNG’s were harmed.
  • PAX: Clampett, Olsen, Pillager, Oblivious, Flintstone, Tiger, Buckshot, Broke, Grapevine, Boudin, Dr. Seuss, Anchorman, Gavel, Oberon, Slim Shady, Clavin, Cinderella, Bubba Sparxxx, Nutria, Pilgrim’s Progress.

The GasHouse has a special flavor to it. Particularly the Belmontian side of the Region. It’s like artificial turf, where it looks classy from a little ways off, but when you get down to it we installed that because of the practicality. Waste not, want not. Pretty sure that’s the Town Slogan… something like that…
So, do guys in GasHouse warm up? I dunno… We’ll fake a few SSHs or Squats or something and maybe they won’t notice.
When I Q DR, I like to see if the culture has spread appropriately and if the men have the #Mission in their minds and on their lips. Can’t get it to your heart if it doesn’t first start there… It’s kind of like Nellie’s Southern Kitchen’s Chicken & Gravy. It’ll get to your heart past your lips… Promise… #arteriosclerosis
So, we mosey quickly over the corner of a parking lot, do a few exercises, and start to see who knows the 5 Core Principles by heart. There is a 5 burpee penalty for having the wording egregiously wrong or for incorrect order. The men of Belmont love burpees. Or they hate them and want to get better at them, so they initiated their own forced practice mechanism by failing to be able to properly recite.
We ran from corner to corner of this parking lot, doing exercises in cadence and attempting to correctly get the wording and order of the 5 Core Principles, then moving on to the Credo and Mission as well.
One man seemed to know the answers quite well. Turns out he was the Nant’an… Nant’an… don’t you know your job is to make sure your men are prepared? We don’t care if you know the answers… unless they do too…
So, we hopped over behind the school and partnered up for a Dora.
Then back to COT…

Final thought:
Failure and struggle are good for you. If you are getting rescued (*ahem – Nantan) constantly, you can’t grow. You can’t learn. This is true of the men you serve, for your employees/teams at work, and for your kids.

Do Better,
Helmet, out.