• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/13/2021
  • AO: Crossroads
  • QIC: Love Boat
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Freight, Kamala, Broke (R), Big Pappy, Dr. Seuss (R), Gold Digger, Blart, Gumby, Mayor, Roundup, Purple Haze (R), Def Leppard (R)
The runners had a harmonious time of fellowship and fitness, but the clouds converged on the newly formed DBC this morning at Crossroads. Our COT quickly devolved into a boxing ring.
It was all fun and games until Freight took off his gloves and threw down his bike helmet in response to a perceived leadership issue with Mayor. Mayor responds with “there is nothing between us but air and opportunity!” as the COT morphed into a fight club. Pax reached for their wallets as the bets started… but the clock struck 7:15 and it was time for the pledge. (Update: by Q Source Freight and Mayor were sitting beside one another whispering and giggling like school girls. They had worked through the aforementioned conflict and were buddies again. The DBC lives to ride another Sunday. Whether it was predestined to do so is still up for debate…I sense another fight coming with that one.)

After the workout 10 pax met for Q-Source (Wirenut walked over from the gym to join us). We discussed the P in IMPACT= Positive Habit Transfer. There was a helpful discussion on practical ways to add positive habits and replace negative habits. It was noted how much of an influence F3 has been in this area to many in the group. If you need some more positive influences in your life, join Q-source 7:30-8:00am on Sundays at the Ingles in Dallas. All the Starbucks that you are willing to pay for is included. Or check the website for other options to be involved beyond the workouts https://f3gastonia.com/fitness/     https://f3gastonia.com/fellowship/

Post-script: The winds have shifted pushing my sails elsewhere and at the end of this month I will be headed out into the great unknown. I don’t know where I will end up for this next chapter of my life, but am excited for whatever that may be. I want to thank each of you for sharing life with me for the past year. I genuinely value the time spent working out and talking trash with each of you. Since our time has been limited we may not have developed deep relationships, but I can honestly say that each of you in your own ways have transferred some positive habits or characteristics to me and I am grateful for it. So thank you for allowing me to be a part of F3. Men helping each other through being authentic in their struggles and victories is not common. There are many things that I appreciate about what y’all have going here, but I am most grateful for how you care for each other and genuinely do your best to encourage each other to be better, not just physically but in all areas of life.

Thank You All, Love Boat

Prayer Requests:

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