• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/22/2021
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Stroganoff, Roscoe, ShortSale, WattsUp, Linus, JJ, Tube, Lazy Bones, Oompa Loompa, Easy Rider, Clavin, WhoopeeQ

Today Linus handed over the keys to me for site Q at GasHouse. He and Stroganoff have been the only site Qs at GasHouse since the beginning of GasHouse. This would be my inaugural post as site Q so I wanted to make sure it was tough enough. Knowing that we had the Amoeba Ruck, I didn’t want to push the legs too hard.

We started with a quick disclaimer and pledge then jumped into the warmup. Tube took the PainLabbers and I took the boot camp guys up the hill to the parking lot in front of Grier. We Nurred up Garrison-too bad Gastone wasn’t there, he always enjoyed a good Nur. Once we got to the top we did some high knees across the lot until we reached a good stopping point. We got right to it with some 11’s: burpees and jump squats. Strogi gave some side-eyed comments but I persevered. Short Sale tried to throw some mumblechatter at me….that makes me smile and at least in the beginning of the workout, think about burpees. We moseyed sound to the track for some more good stuff. We did a few Bojangles laps (fast-ish on the straights then walk/mosey the curves. Once we finished a lap, we did some Whoopee Burpees. “What the F are Whoopee Burpees?” you say. Why let me tell you. Whoopee Burpees are not something you do with your wife in the boudoir. They are Burpees with extra Merkins built in. Add a merkin-part with every additional Burpee in a set of (insert number here) burpees. We did 3 of them (not so hard) to start. The next lap we did a pyramid up to 5 then back to 1…..because that is what 1 particular PAX requested. It was at this point the my phone mysteriously disappeared so we went to the wall and did some Hip Slappers. The phone was quickly recovered so we just did 2 sets of 10 HS. I wanted to head to the steps at Grier but the gate was locked so we took a long mosey over to FPC and used the stairs to the PAD for the next thing which was called 10/20/30. I picked 3 pax to think (not say) an exercise then randomly assigned either 10, 20, or 30 to that pax and that was the number of reps we did. After each round we took a trip up the stairs for (I think) jump squats. It was fortunate for the pax that I was paying particular attention to how many reps I did and made sure I did not miscount at this point. At all. I can’t remember what we did but it was a total of 3 rounds of 10/20/30. At this point we needed to get back home so we moseyed back to start to join the pain labbers for COT.

During COT, Roscoe read a treatise composed by (I believe) Linus. It designated me as the new Site Q and outlined several of the responsibilities of both me and the pax. Think: confirmation covenant between the student/confirmand and the members of the church with mutual responsibility for the success of that particular individual. As usual with Linus, it was well thought out and although humorous, still thought provoking and challenging. I am taking on this responsibility with serious focus and hope to keep the tradition of quality Site Q going. Linus and Stroganoff have set the bar high and I intend to give it my best effort. I am sure ShortSale will be on my ass if I start to slack off and hope the rest of you will do the same. ShortSale brought Site Q t-shirts and handed them out to Stroganoff, Linus, and me. That was excellent! It also emphasized the importance of this role for me and hopefully will motivate me to help continue to grow the GasHouse.

At the end of COT, I challenged myself and the others to bring an FNG (at least 1) sometime in the next month. I have been slack in that department for too long and have seen the effects of low FNG numbers. Hopefully we can also get some Kotters out soon as well. I am hoping for a little rain sometime in the near future and maybe we can get Bandit back out for a little slip n slide to liven things up. Watch the weather report……you never know.