• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/22/2021
  • AO: The Bunker
  • QIC: Rudolph
  • FNG's:
  • PAX:  Breaker, Nutria, Bos, Sargento, HIPAA, Flinstone, Boudin, Stogie, Barney, Doodles

An invitation to Q the new AO was welcomed, as we try to build up that opportunity to for Belmont.  As I promised earlier in the week, this would be a basic, foundational and bodyweight only routine.  I wanted to incorporate some of the great parts of the area that’s been chosen for the Bunker.  I think that zone is an amazing place to workout.  Also, with the Amoeba Ruck staring us in the face just an hour later, this would have a fair amount of stretching/yoga as well.  I enjoy yoga very much…..I’m just not good at it.  Also, earlier in the week, Sargento put out an amazing offer so as to pull in some FNG’s or Kotters.  Would anyone answer that bell?

Gavel had a 36 year old birthday and the Q of the Fighting Yank, and had a special warm-up.  We did that, then some stayed to enjoy The Bunker.

Continued Warm-up:

Arm Circles, Chain Breakers, Swimmers, Windmill, Sprawl, Lunges, Mountain Climbers

MUSCLE WORK – concrete blocks

There are about 15-20 concrete road barricades on one side of the Bunker zone.  Use these!  Lots of exercises that can be done on them.  I had us do the following:

Decline Merkin

Prayer Squat


Straight Leg Squat – think pistol squat but your non-working leg is up on the block.

Wall Push – isometric push for 8 seconds x 2

Side Leg Squat – same as straight leg, but to the side

Calves – step up on block, full range of motion on the raise and lower

At this time we worked the blocks, so let’s visit the other side to utilize the flat wall we have.  Everyone bearcrawled across, and we did more work:



Wall Walks (plank to essentially being inverted

Wall-face squats (nose 1-3″ from the wall)

Wall Push x 2

Wall Sits (2 rounds)


Wide-Grip Merkins

Calf Raises (single leg since we had wall to brace

QUICK DORA FOR CARDIO:  partner up, do 100 BBSU’s together, partner A works and partner B does karyoka to the other side and back.

We circled up at this time, but Gavel and his crew ran up from the opposite road and greeted us with Monkey Humpers.  I’ll be damned if the soccer-arm crowd gets the last word in, so instead of staying at the Bunker, we headed for the statue.  There we worked on our stretching and yoga for about 10 minutes, while keeping a look-out for the bootcampers.  Once in sight, we lined the stairs and did calf-raises until they got to the stairs, then hopped up on the ledges, began monkey humping…..they passed through the walk of shame with dignity.

Announcements – Blood drive, and EH people!  Big EH push.

Prayers – Breaker Breaker’s family, Turtleman, Big Pappy, and 2.0 of Uranus

MOLESKIN – lots of tools at The Bunker.  Being in the shade is pretty nice too!  While I think we hit all muscle groups that morning, what we didn’t hit was an EH or a FNG.  This is going to be very important.  Even if it’s 2-3 guys only working out at The Bunker, there must be a concerted effort to get new people there.  Belmont has grown quickly, and has a lot of stalwart guys that patron the Fighting Yank.  This is great, and it’s up to that same group of guys to get Bunker rolling.

A pleasure to Q, and man my hamstrings are singing because of that Amoeba Ruck after!  Fun day in Belmont, thanks everyone.