• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/14/2021
  • AO: The Goat
  • QIC: Flintstone
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: El Tigre (R), Pilgrim's Progress, BOS (R), Nutria, Tesla (H), Radar, Dirt (R), Sausage, Fife, Watts Up (R), Buckshot, Pillager, Doodles

14 strong at The Greatest AO Of All Time for a familiar, yet pretty thorough, beatdown.

No FNG’s and a quick disclaimer, where YHC pledged to be the Q for the entire day, only to be proven wrong almost immediately after as I turned it over to the one and only… Pilgrim’s Progress, who kicked us off.

The Thang:

Pilgrim’s Progress called each in cadence:

  • SSH x 20
  • Grass Pickers x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 10
  • Merkins x 10
  • CDDs x 10

Next up, Sizzle Suicides (starting from Floyd & Blackies, up the hill on 8th):

  • Run 1 pole – 10 LBCs
  • Run back – 10 LBCs
  • Run 2 poles – 20 LBCs
  • Run back – 20 LBCs
  • Run 3 poles – 30 LBCs
  • Run Back – 30 LBCs
  • Run 4 poles – 40 LBCs

Then to the Rec Center for a round of Dora.  For this Dora, we’d start from the entrance to the Rec Center parking lot, find the biggest hill you could find, and Nur to the parking spaces in front of the apartments.  Then, mosey back.  In the meantime, your partner works towards these exercises:

  • 100 Hand-Release Merkins
  • 200 Squats
  • 300 Flutter Kicks

This was a grind.  The first round of HRM weren’t awful.  The second round were.  Also Nurring up that hill got old quick, but we at least got to entertain some guy in his parked car taking his early morning smoke break.  Nothing like seeing a bunch of guys running backwards at your car when you’re getting stoned.  Had Sargento been there, I’m pretty sure he would have EH’d him.

Once all that nonsense was over with, we moseyed back to the stairs behind the shops, where Sausage wasn’t quite sure how to count to ten.  We wrapped things up with a Triple Nickel–one set of exercises at the bottom of the stairs, run up the stairs, one set of exercises at the top, run back around the building to the start.

Bottom of the stairs:

  • Bobby Hurleys x 5
  • Oblique Crunches LS x 5

Top of the stairs:

  • Bobby Hurleys x 5
  • Oblique Crunches RS x 5

The burpees got cut due to time, though I doubt anyone really minded after the work done earlier.  I hadn’t got my timing right yet in a Goat Q, so I wanted to wrap things up as close to the COT as possible.  Turns out we finished up right on time, thoroughly smoked.


  • New AO starting tomorrow at Belmont Central
  • Gavel’s VQ on Monday 1/18 at Mt. Hollywood
  • Saturday is Breaker Breaker’s Birthday Q at the Yank, followed by a launch of Q Source
  • Saturday is also Buckshot’s 1 year F3 anniversary
  • Primal Friday 5:00
  • Baby Gold Digger
  • New Honor shirts out there

Prayer Requests:

  • Double Trouble (F3 Charlotte) on a ventilator
  • Stogie’s dad
  • Pilgrim’s Progress’s friend’s son’s heart condition
  • National Guard heading to Raleigh for riot control
  • Our country

YHC took us out


Lots of men pushing the rock these days, but definitely want to give kudos to Sausage, who’s come out firing and has been a great addition to the PAX.

Thanks to Pilgrim’s Progress for the assist today.  He’s really been putting in work and expanding his F3 schedule.  Next up, a VQ, and hopefully soon.

Thanks to all for the prayers and the contacts while my son was sick and my family was quarantined.  It was my first time away since being a regular, and it sucked.  I can’t imagine how tough IR must be, when you mix the injury and not being able to get out there in The Gloom.

Thanks again to all for the opportunity to lead.

Yabba Dabba Doo