• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/02/2021
  • AO: Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Slim Shady
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Brutus, Orange Man, Doodles, ReBar, THE Gaval

Great small group of 6 HIMs gathered to stomp on 2020 and pump up 2021. We got things rolling with 21 SSH and the 20 SSH. 3 burpees in between – Father Son Holy Spirit. We had a special drive by bike guest strike up some mumble chatter and we pushed him to join, as it started to drive a loss of focus and drive, dint believe explanation given on burpees since mumble chatter created some confusion within the Q. Audible led to mosey to the spot. We did a lap around the track and made our way to the shelter. I introduced two mini decks of cards and laid out the instructions/rules, creating a life bridge that if nothing else 2020 taught us that our deck of cards could easily and quickly change, you could have been in a good place then COVID HAPPENED or you could have been in a bad spot and somehow through God’s grace been blessed after COVID.

THE TWO DECKS – good deck ( low cards/reps) and bad deck ( higher cards/reps). Jokers placed in each deck and when pulled, switches to other deck. After each HIM pulled a card, the exercise and rep amount would be done. After 4, we’d do a lap around the track in Indian, karaoke, backward forms.

Ace – American Hammers, 21
King – Werkins, 13
Queen – leg lifts, 12

Jack – plank jacks, 11

Spades – jump squats (deck 1) , calf raises (deck 2)

Hearts – LBCs, dying cockroaches

Diamonds – merkins,derkins

Clubs – mountain climbers, Peter parkers

Once we did all cards, we moseyed over for some shady stretching, balls to the wall right foot to ground right hand, switch, hold and then head back to the yank.

to cap off the cards Dealt for the day we ended with 22 burpees – 21 for the year plus one to show we’re overcomers no matter what comes our way. And we did it through the fellowship we have in the circle where we ended with the pledge and prayers.