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2019 Pre-Blast Is Here.  What are you going to do with the next 365 days?

First, I just want to send many thanks out to the 2018 F3 Gastonia Leadership Team, Site Q’s and all the PAX.  It was quite a year of growth and impact. 

Second, I want to thank all of you for the opportunity to be the Nantan for 2019.  I am grateful and honored for the opportunity.  I am looking forward to what 2019 has in store for us.  We have a great group in place to help lead us on the 2019 journey.

Let’s be serious though, F3 is not about one person or even a small group, it’s about the entire PAX and what we accomplish collectively.  We are always looking for thoughts and ideas on how we can be more impactful. 

I plan to focus on several things in 2019 but one of the biggest will be encouraging personal growth.  That is, what are you doing to grow personally away from your weekly posts at workouts?  It’s easy for me to forget the mission of F3 is to “plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.”  It’s not to have workouts to get in better shape, even though that is a huge byproduct of what happens.  It’s about impact (my word for 2018 by the way).  It’s about self-awareness, discipline and accountability.  We are compelled to help ourselves and each other be better in all facets of our lives, not just our physical well-being.  I have found reading to be the single biggest factor that has helped my personal growth and will be sharing books, podcasts, articles, etc throughout the year that I feel might be worthwhile to read or listen to. 

This was an extreme year for me personally, both high and low.  I experienced first hand the support that F3 gives to the PAX during the low after the loss of my Father.  I experienced the high of F3 as I completed the training required and ultimately finishing my first half marathon with several other PAX.  This is one of the reasons I felt compelled to get more involved in the leadership of our group.  I believe strongly that F3 can fill a void that is missing in many men’s lives.  Most of these men don’t even know it’s missing.  I didn’t realize it before F3.  I believe I’m a better man for it.  I believe there are many more out there we can positively impact. 

We can EH a few more and Kotter a few more to come back and get them more consistently to workouts and events.  We’ve had a lot of men show up 1 or 2 times and not come back.  This is something we can improve on. 

We have several new things happening with the first being the launch of the Q Source in our Region being led by Pizza Man.  He has already sent out details but please look to get involved in that.  We may be adding another workout, some Rucking events, CSAUP’s, 4th year anniversary (that’s hard to believe), Nation events, Speed for Need races, local races, 2nd & 3rd F opportunities, Community Service Opportunities, planned Whetstone growth, etc, etc. 

2019 can be a year where we all accelerate some or decelerate.  The decision is our own.  I need some help to continue to accelerate and am looking for help from all of you.  That man beside you tomorrow morning might be looking for that help.  You never know what is compelling someone to show up. 

See you in the gloom.