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  • When: 12/28/2018
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  • QIC: Bed Pan
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  • PAX: Calvin,Time Frame, BuckEye,Sargento

Thank goodness downtown has a parking deck, over the past few months as Site Q I’m learning that it can be a great place to workout since we have faced many days of heavy rain this year. Nothing stops the true HIMs of F3 other than lightning,twisters, or maybe zombies so let’s get going.

Warm up: ssh,cherry pickers,wind mills,goofballs. 20each.

Mosey to the parking deck to do some amrap, 6 minutes per group. After each group take a lap.

10high knees,10ssh,10 merkins,10squats, 1lap repeat 6min.

15lbcs,15americanhammers, 15 Freddy Mercury’s,15 flutters, Lap. 6min.

15dips,15calf raises,15raise theroof,15 high claps. Lap 6min.

15 wwII,15mtn. Climbers,15 lunges,15bicep curls. Lap,6min.

Moseyed back to the rotary finished up with plank jacks,morocon nite clubs, ski jacks.

During our time at the parking deck Clavin, picked up a $20 we were all surprised. We laughed clavin jokingly said “F3 does Pay”.

Great work was done by all time frame put in some EC sounds like he is ready to run a few 5k’s this year! Way to go brother! Truthfully we all get paid rain or shine heat or cold. F3 gives you something $ will never buy and it’s value is priceless.

If are still looking for the answer to the question above.. post more! You will find the answer!

Announcements: some time changes to the New Year’s Day AO’s.

Prayer request: Sargento’s mother in law who has Parkinson’s, and a bright a wonderful New Year!

I hope everyone has a safe new year!

The Bed Pan is Full!