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  • When: 12/31/2018
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  • QIC: Clavin
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  • PAX: Sweet Leaf, Cheesehead, Hushpuppy, Turtleman, Linus (r), Gastone, Def Leppard (r), Pizza Man, Slaw, JJ, Whoopee and Clavin ( r)

Today’s goal was simple …. complete the Murph and along the way contemplate where you were one year ago …. what you achieved in one years time and where and what you want to complete in 2019!
Remember this well and compare to next years results! In these last few weeks of 2018 there’s been a lot of talk about key words , thoughts and aspirations for the coming year hopes and dreams …. so with that said let’s make those resolutions and set those goals in all 3 aspects of our lives remember God first family next and our fitness and fellowship.

There were 4 HIMs to show at 5:30 ( Spider-Man even swung in !!).. and there were 12 for a rainy  day Murph.

We began with the pledge a brief disclaimer and mention of   What we will perform in the Murph and then we went on to it!

Starting with our 1 mile circuit around the park assemble in the play area where I had brought chalk to keep track of numbers ( some like Gastone have a memory like a steel trap and don’t need no stinking chalk!!) … we next did our pull-ups pushups and squats. All waited while all completed tasks and we set out for another Mile run assembling undercover of the picnic area . Mumble chatter and some going after the six until all return and we end with a final 22 single count merkins for the vets .

i love this exercise because it really challenges you and there’s plenty of open opportunities for mumble chatter or for supporting and lifting up each other up.

Pizza man spoke of the new F3 Q source which will meet at Starbucks at Harris Teeter either after Coconut Horse and Starbucks at Ingles at Crossroads each Sunday to discuss F3 topics on leadership, etc … check more info on Twitter or in a preblast !

There was also a lot of open excellent discussion on importance of making sure that we all dont put too much emphasis on F3 leaving our family out  …. that would be a fail! Balance is best.

Whoopee also commented on the setting of goals speaking of how we an all keep track of what we accomplish either each workout or day to day , in our diet …. whatever our goals are . He also cited an excellent example would be Roscoe who keeps an accurate log on his phone which he can access anytime to compare as needed!

prayers were for Sister Act , the upcoming new year , our goals and family … Def Leppard prayed us out

Great work by all !! Thank you for the opportunity to lead men !!