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  • When: 12/29/2018
  • AO:
  • QIC: Linus (Bootcamp) / Huckleberry (Painlab)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Timeframe, Stroganoff, Heyzus, Whoopee, Clavin(R), SweetLeaf, CheeseHead, VooDoo, Oompa Loompa(R), Rudolph, Pockets, Huckleberry, Dr. Seuss(R), Short Sale, Top Hat, Roscoe

I had a new from Ronco Whoopee butt-wipe defecation proof plastic Weinke protector that Clavin had given to me that I was eager to use. Patent pending, it held up well but short of a full laminated Weinke the conditions proved tough this day. At first I had an intense appetence to protect said Weinke that took me multiple minutes to develop, but as the morning progressed and my protective instincts waned I slowly removed my guard and next thing I know my Weinke was busy wiping Whoopee’s ass one again. This as well as a used diaper sighting and Sweetleaf saving my weinke from quick-suck-asphalt said weinke felt the intense pressure of Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, what a beautiful day it was, Great turnout, 18 guys and best I can tell I got all of Bootcamp out and back in one run but somewhere along the way I lost track of how many we had. Count was 8, I still think we had 9?

Here is how we started:



Squats-20 IC

Merkins-10 IC

LBC- 20 IC

Huckleberry handled the Painlab, Bootcamp off to FPC.

Theme, Bar Hopping, One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (One Exercise, One Constant, One Ascending/Descending). Start at front of FPC, #12 on clock

50 Homer/Marge – Bourbon

20 Dying Cockroaches – Scotch

1 Burpee – Beer

Run to 2nd bar (#9 on clock, running counter-clockwise?)

50 Squats/20 Dying Cockroaches (constant) / 2 Burpees

3rd bar, (#6 on clock)

50 Merkins / 20 Dying Cockroaches / 3 Burpees

You get the story, on around to complete:

50 CDD’s/20 DC’s/4 Burpees

50 Boxcutters/20 DC’s/5 Burpees

50 Jump Lunges/20 DC’s/4 Burpees (start descending)

Public intoxication?, asked to walk straight line, line squat while pax karaoke’s to other side of parking lot. Audible during work out, curious how many parking lines were in parking lot. One SSH at each line until all counted, still don’t know total but good CSAUP.

Off to Sherwood, AMRAP, American Hammers while partner runs to top of hill, rinse and repeat.

Head back to Schiele, finished a round of something else, did a nice round of Rocky Balboa’s and Mike Tysons. Headed back to Schiele, time.


Congratulations to Gold Digger, married this weekend.

Murph Monday morning at Martha Rivers.