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  • When: 12/29/2018
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  • QIC: Sister Act
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  • PAX: Gold Digger, Bedpan, Freight, Slaw, Swimmer, Gumby, Blart, Sparky, Hacksaw, Mozart, Volt, Ashpond, Pearl Jam, Big Pappy, Montross, Ratchet, Sister Act

17 showed on a gloomy Folsom morning to put in some work. This is the last Saturday workout in Folsom for 2018. With that in mind, YHC wanted to make sure to bring the pain and take Folsom out of 2018 in style. Good crowd this morning with two FNGs, so a short disclaimer was given.


Grass Pickers and Don Qs

The Thang:

Quick mosey to the tennis courts. Personally, this is one of the greatest attributes of our Folsom site. We have 6 tennis courts marked with lines and a smooth surface. Lots of opportunities to bring the pain here, and today we would spend the entire workout on the tennis courts. My boy Def Leppard, who failed to show today while out nursing a injury, has talked a lot about goals. Whatever goals you have in mind; spiritual, personal, fitness. With 2019 right around the corner, now is a good time to set your sights on some goals. Today we would set our sights on a short-term goal. Today we would push ourselves to achieve 1000 reps. So the first exercise called would consist of 10 different exercises, with 100 reps done on each exercise. Just to pace ourselves, I split this up into 4 rounds of 25 reps each, with a short mosey to the far end of the tennis courts and back in between. The exercises called were; 1.Merkins 2.Imperial Squats 3.Big Boys 4.Peter Parkers 5.Flutter Kicks 6.SSH 7.Jump Lunges 8.CDD 9.LBCs 10.Burpees. We would do 25 reps of each exercise, then a mosey to other side of tennis courts and back. This would complete round 1. We did this three more rounds, to complete our goal of 1000 reps. Great work by all pax, this was a challenge. With time to spare, we had time to move on to something else.

Next exercise called was the Quarter Pounder. Broke had recently done this at one of his Qs, so I’m taking this to fill in the last 10 minutes of the workout. Started on the sideline of the first tennis court. Sprint to the other side of court 1 and do 25 Plank Jack Merkins, Nur back to start line. Next sprint to the other side of court 2, 50 Bobby Hurleys, Nur back to start. Next sprint to other side of court 3, 75 Mountain Climbers, Nur back to start. Finally sprint to other side of court 4, 100 Squats, Nur back to start. Time is up!

Great work by all men today. This was meant to be a challenge, and I think everyone got their moneys worth. I appreciate everyone working hard and allowing me the opportunity to lead. Welcome Big Pappy (Ron Ewing) and Ratchet (Jason Hall) to F3. This wasn’t an easy workout for your first time at F3. They pushed hard and gave it what they had. Great to have you guys.



Prayer Request


Sister Act