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  • When: 10/28/2016
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  • QIC: Roscoe
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  • PAX: EZ Rider, Huckleberry, Short Sale, Slaw, Stroganoff, Squirt, Hush Puppy, Hercules (Hate hate), Bandit, Roscoe QIC

So the inspiration for today’s workout is the late Ravishing Rick Rude and GIF’s that are available to the younger generation who don’t know his ring gimmicks.  You can’t be ravishing if you don’t hit the first F hard.  Prior to the disclaimer Squirt did his Rick Rude impersonation (how appropriate?) with hands on head and small pelvic circles to get everyone inspired. 

Short disclaimer and straight to the warm up.  I read an article recently from fitness expert talking about the 5 in 5 warm up.  The first minute is an exercise on your feet, the second minute is from the plank, the third minute is on your side, the fourth minute is on your six, and the fifth minute is on the ground to standing.  There are lots of exercises to select from but we performed:

  1. SSH
  2. Plank box step’s (think back to your ballroom dancing classes)
  3. Left and right Elbow plank Knee taps
  4. Back bridge leg lifts
  5. 8 count body builders

 We had a short mosey around the parking lot and back to the flag for the pledge of allegiance.
We ran to the bridge and the PAX were told, “If you want to be ravishing, you have to have big legs.”  We lunged walked the bridge followed by 50 calf raises OYO.  It was during the calf raises that one of Gastonia’s finest who was at the light beside the bridge turned on his blue lights.  Someone opined that he was going to arrest us for being too sexy, but alas, he went on to his call for service. 

Mosey to “the wall” where the PAX were told, “If you want to be ravishing, you have to have huge balls on the sides of your shoulders like Rick Rude”.  We did wall walkers/upside down shoulder presses basically to failure.  I almost splattered my face on the last rep. 

We ran to the parking deck where the PAX were told, “If you want to be ravishing, you have to have a broad back like a frightened cobra”.  We partnered up and every minute each partner did 5 burpees and 5 pullups.  We were going to do ten sets for 50 of each exercise.  We did three sets and then recovered an extra 45 secs for round two with three more sets.  I was worried we would run out of time for the rest of the total body workout so I called an audible (or Oklahoma as Bandit is known to say) and we moseyed out of the deck to the public “art”. 

 The PAX were told “If you want to be ravishing, you have to have a big chest and tri’s”.  I may have also mentioned that we were exercising for the total body aka the “Total Package”.  Of course the “total package” brings Lex Luger to mind but he killed Miss Elizabeth so we don’t honor that guy.  So for chest and tri’s we used the benches for elevens of Derkins and dips.  I put on some Pandora (Octavarium by Dream Theater began to play.  DT will be in Charlotte in November and I will be there on Petrucci’s side of the stage #guitargodmancrush) and the PAX got to work and were finished in no time.  I immediately regretted the audible on the pullup bars because we could have completed ten sets.

We circled up for some Mary and the PAX were told, “If you want to be ravishing, you have to have what?”  I heard multiple “six pack”, but SLAW got it right by saying “8-Pack”.  DING DING!  Winner winner chicken dinner! 

Before we started Squirt did a Ravishing Rick Rude move while in a back plank.  Hopefully there were no cameras in the area. 

For Mary we started with Butterfly heel touches followed by the backstroke.  This made my neck start to burn so we did a set of neckies to make sure our dress shirts fit nicely when we are out with our ladies.  (This may be the first neckie at any workout not Q’d by BA)

We then did Freddie Mercury, American Hammers, Flutter kicks, and LBC’s and then head back to the Pavilion for some Homer/Marge.  During this time we heard the lonesome train whistle blowing so 10 Burpees OYO and a plank hold took us to time.  It was at this time that the PAX knew they could go home and take their robes off and show their M’s what a real…….sorry.  I don’t know what the PAX did but I left to go to work. 

 Prayer and Name o’rama

Floppy Disk’s M surgery Nov 4

Def Leppard broken toe-short term IR

Bandit’s family

A friend at work whose brother died this week. 

Announcements:  Advisory Meeting Sunday at On the Border at 7PM

F3 Nomads going to the Patriot in Fort Mill.  Clown cars leave at 0600 at the Westfield Mall

Ghost Flag at the Schiele tomorrow for Linus and his great pumpkin Q. Blankets optional, thumb sucking mandatory. 

#CSAUP “The Climb” should have the outline finished later today and Dr. Feelgood will be looking to voluntold some of us to help with the event.  It is a mere two weeks away!

It was great to see Huckleberry at the Pavilion.  He has been pushing the rock like crazy #HIM

It is always an honor to lead.