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  • When: 10/29/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Defib
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Edison, Cantori, Pockets, DDC, Vuvuzela from Rock Hill, Kwiesh, Defib (QIC)

7 Brave souls fought off the urge to fartsack on this beautiful fall morning.  Pax straggled in one by one with a “new” face from Rock Hill in the mix – Vuvuzela.  I thought perhaps we may have an attempted coup on the ghost flag (which is at the gas house today) but actually just a friendly fire invite from DDC.


Began workout with pledge and disclaimer then moseyed to picnic tables for warmup.



SSHx 20

Don Quixote x15

Imperial Walker x 15

Mountain Climbers x 15

Merkins x 10

LBC x 20

Toy soldiers x 10

Thang:Although I was tempted to run for an hour straight with temps approaching 60 and not a cloud in sky I decided that except for Keesh (who had just run 10 before the workout) that we would probably have a coup on our hands therefore the moseying was broken up into 4 venues around Belmont

First stop-  Belmont Middle School for some wall work 2 sets of each of the following:

Wall sits with 25 Moroccan NC, 10 Donkey Kicks, 10 Hip Slappers

Second venue: Davis Park to rattle the bleachers with 2 sets of the following:

Dips x 15,  Step ups right then left 15 each, Derkins x 10

Third Stop: the outfield(ok so this wasn’t exactly a great distance away) – for some ab work 3 sets of lounge walking to 5 different exercises – 10 Freddie Mercury, 20 American Hammers, 30 LBC, 40 Flutter kicks and 50 Mountain Climbers

Finally Mosey back to school ball field to do some starfish work – Merkins in center with Squats, Dying Cockroaches, Bobby Hurleys, and SSH on points – apparently this was a “special ” starfish with only 4 arms.  We did 15 seconds AMAP at each station.  Fortunately for the pax (?unfortunately) we ran out of time otherwise we were to increase by 15 seconds at each station until getting to 1 miniute of each.

Therefore – back to home base for COT and namorama.

Announcements: CSAUP sign up for Climb (Nov 11, 12)

Prayer Requests:

Floppy Disc’s M about to have surgery, Bandit’s family, Friend battling cancer


Hope all have great weekend – As always the pleasure/honor was mine to lead this morning.