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  • PAX: Dolph, Whoopie, Sargento, JK2, Madoff, Billy Madison, Edison, Stroganoff

It has been a while since I took the helm, but I was glad to do it.  I always seem to push a little harder when leading so I don’t disappoint the PAX.  The twitter reminder was published by our good friend Whoopie telling everyone to go to another AO that wasn’t meeting there that day…..Hmmm, is he trying to say something?  Fast forward and with three minutes to go, there were three or four, with one to go we stood at nine.

Warm Up
Grass Pickers ICx15.  It is worth mentioning here that my good friend Whoopie chose to call out the Qs form on these and exclaim they are pickers, not pokers.  Having been caught and realizing it, I shouted that I had to Omaha.
Don Quixote ICx10
Moroccan Night Clubs ICx10 both large and small range to loosen the shoulders.

I always enjoy doing an exercise for a determined length.  This allows me time to really push myself past the quitting stage and grab a few more when I am worn out.  So, we all Mosey to the weight room wall and partner up.  Partner one runs to the curb on the other side of the parking lot for 10 Mericans while partner two stays put and hits some SSH.  Yes…I did say run.  Repeat for 10 minutes.

I was going to do another timed event, but YHC was gassed so we circled up for a theft of exercises.  I stole this idea from Flush when he had his VQ a couple of weeks ago.  We do five exercises for a minute each with no rest and take a minute at the end.  They were: Cather calf raises (some jokes by Sargento & JK2 and screams by Stroganoff), Kick Outs, Inch Worm, Burpees and Squats. There was some mumble chatter about the Q and that power went straight to YHCs head.  The disclaimer was noted somewhere in this time period.

Mosey back to the wall and switch partners.  Partner one runs to other side of parking lot for 20 mountain climbers (single count) while partner two does hip slappers.  Repeat for 10 minutes.

Circle up again for another round of five minute burnouts with same exercises note earlier.

One thing I have always done is circle everyone up and go around the ring and have every pax pick their favorite ab exercise.  We were out of time so I just asked for five:  box cutters, French fries, V-ups, bicycles and American thors (Billy Madison pushing it to a 30 count).

Mosey back to start for announcements, name-o-rama and BOM.  Please pray for Bandit and his family through a very rough time with the loss of his mother, other Pax and especially the Nation and World we live and raise our 2.0s in.

I had a great time this morning and noted to Whoopie that is awesome to show up in long sleeves and layers and be down to the short sleeves and sweating by the end of it.  Thanks for everyone for pushing me this morning, especially Madoff and Billy Madison.