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  • When: 09/09/2016
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  • QIC: Roscoe
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  • PAX: EZ Rider, Dr. Feelgood, Madoff, Def Leppard (Respect), Spiderman, Squirt, Slaw, "ASH" Pond


At 0530 Friday in the gloom at the beautiful Rotary Pavilion, 9 PAX met to pay tribute to the men on the Gashouse BRR team who have been preparing for the BRR for the last six months or so.  At our 0530 start time, we knew that Stroganoff would be finishing his 3.9 mostly downhill miles and handing the baton to Monk so they had a 30 minute head start so we had to get busy.

YHC gave the disclaimer and saw headlights and slowed  the introduction of the warm up so Madoff could join us.

I will be celebrating my 18th wedding anniversary to my beloved M this weekend so we warmed up with 18 of:

SSH x 18

Squats x 18

Merkins x 18

Don Quixote’s x 18

Pledge of Allegiance

The BRR is a 209.2 mile relay race from Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia to Asheville, NC.  The PAX get the pleasure of running along some of my favorite motorcycle sport touring routes. Each participant of the Gashouse Team was asked to provide their favorite exercise.  Van #1 was dialed in and gave me their exercises but van #2 didn’t respond as well so I had to make up exercises for some of  them.  I plugged these into my Weinke in advance.  The drivers are just as important as the runners so I included them as well.  Bandit drove van one and chose (of course) the Dying Cockroach.  The Mayor drove van #2 and loves core work so he chose V-Ups.

The PAX were not happy when I announced we were going to compete in the BRR relay until they realized they may get to do one exercise and rest while the rest of us took our turns but it didn’t turn out that way.  A quick mosey to the top of the parking deck and I introduced the Pavilion version of the BRR Tribute workout.

YHC began by announcing what was in store and just before we started Spiderman appeared out of nowhere as he is apt to do anytime there is a workout downtown.  He was just in time as there would be many near vertical climbs during this THANG:  (The mileage of the relay was rounded up for the # of reps counted IC

Van Driver #1  Bandit                      Dying Cockroach                             6 IC  Preceded Legs 1, 13, 24

Van Driver #2 Mayor                       V-Ups                                                 6 IC  Preceded Legs 7, 19,  31

PAX                                                       Exercise                       Mileage                     Reps

Stroganoff Leg 1 Flutter Kicks 3.9 4
Monk Leg 2 8 Ct Bodybuilders 7.5 8
Defib Leg 3 Suicides 5.2 6
Pizza Man Leg 4 Burpees 6.9 7
Tool Time Leg 5 Oblique Vups (each side) 4.8 5
Freight Leg 6 Joe Hendrix 6.7 7
Dolph Leg 7 Squats 2.3 3
Quiche Leg 8 Zombie Lunge walk 3.1 4
Outhouse Leg 9 Merkins 4.6 5
JK2 Leg 10 CDD 5.3 6
Sargento Leg 11 Bear Crawl 8.4 9
Whoopee Leg 12 Hip Slappers 6.1 7
Stroganoff Leg 13 Flutter Kicks 9.3 10
Monk Leg 14 8 Ct Bodybuilders 6.2 7
Defib Leg 15 Suicides 10.5 11
Pizza Man Leg 16 Burpees 3.2 4
Tool Time Leg 17 Oblique Vups (each side) 2.9 3
Freight Leg 18 Joe Hendrix 5 5
Dolph Leg 19 Squats 5.8 6
Quiche Leg 20 Zombie Lunge walk 3.8 4
Outhouse Leg 21 Merkins 4.6 5
JK2 Leg 22 CDD 2.6 3
Sargento Leg 23 Bear Crawl 6.6 7
Whoopee Leg 24 Hip Slappers 4 4
Stroganoff Leg 25 Flutter Kicks 4.3 5
Monk Leg 26 8 Ct Bodybuilders 4.4 5
Defib Leg 27 Suicides 9.1 10
Pizza Man Leg 28 Burpees 8 8
Tool Time Leg 29 Oblique Vups (each side) 7 7
Freight Leg 30 Joe Hendrix 4.4 5
Dolph Leg 31 Squats 6.5 7
Quiche Leg 32 Zombie Lunge walk 9.4 10
Outhouse Leg 33 Merkins 5.3 6
JK2 Leg 34 CDD 4.5 5
Sargento Leg 35 Bear Crawl 4.2 5
Whoopee Leg 36 Hip Slappers 6.5 7

During leg 27 (Defib Suicides) I reminded the PAX that what we were doing wasn’t as hard as what the BRR team was doing.  Someone mentioned they would rather be a van driver.  #goodpoint The Mumblechatter was strongest when the Joe Hendrix were performed (thanks a lot Freight!) up the parking deck ramp.  The suicides and bear crawls were a close second.  YHC was gassed and struggled to call out the cadence at times and this took longer than I anticipated but we sped up and completed the “race” just in time to mosey back for a quick picture and the COT.

Prayer requests for Floppy’s M, a co-worker of EZ Rider, my sister, and all the BRR teams competing in the race.  Thanks for the inspiration.

If you haven’t registered for the Gastonia CSAUP….DO IT TODAY!

Remember the 3rd F at the Schiele at 0630 tomorrow led by Dr. Feelgood.  Your own SQUIRT has his VQ tomorrow at the Schiele and Short Sale has the Fighting Yank.  EH someone and bring them along.

Always a pleasure,