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  • When: 9/10/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Shortsale
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Squeaker, Brownstreak, Private Benjamin

I had a few posts at Fighting Yank to learn what a great AO we have. With Sargento tackling the BRR, I was asked to be the QIC today. As many divine plans often occur, the 8 am soccer game was changed to later in the morning. It was time to step up. I played with my weinke to the point it became as robust as ever. I was proud and ready to put it to action. With so many regular Fighting Yank brothers representing F3 Gastonia in the BRR I was not anticipating a large PAX. What was light in number was met with great energy and zeal. As the quaint circle gathered, we had a Kotter among us with Private Benjamin returning after an extended absence. Great to have you with us today and look forward to seeing you as you shed your sad clown suit. Let’s get to it.

Warm-up (in honor of Whoopee – short and sweet)

  • SSH – IC x 10
  • Grass Pickers – IC x 10
  • Moroccan Night Clubs – IC x 20
  • Side to Side Lunge – IC x 10

Mosey to 1st Baptist Church Parking Lot


This was introduced a few weeks ago at Downtown when the Q failed to post. I wanted to add a bit to it. The mumble chatter suggested this is hated enough that it may become a full workout at my next Q – be forewarned.

  • Walk the Plank: each PAX finds a parking space to perform 7’s:
  • 6 Merkins then side plank walk across the parking space for 1 Burp; plank walk left to return and do 5 Merkins, etc.
  • Round 2: use the curb to perform 6 Little Baby Dips; crab walk forward about half the length of the parking space line to then perform 1 crab cake (R elbow to L knee, L elbow to R knee = 1). Backwards crab walk returning to the curb.

We were ahead of schedule. I thought about adding another round but I wasn’t sure if I called that a Lincoln? Do all weinke changes have to be cities in Nebraska? I still had my main event and thought to save my creativity. Let’s mosey to the back of Belmont Central. We arrived to find the coupon fairy had dropped a few surprises in the lot just above the track.

I’ve become a fan of tabata style workouts. They define the “you vs. you” approach that causes each PAX to dig internally to find their best while having the support of others around them. Today’s workout had 4 stations with 4 exercises to focus on each area of upper and lower body, abs and cardio. Each exercise lasted 50 seconds with a brief 10 second recover. Between each set we took a short mosey around the track with one “Omaha” to run the length of the parking area before the final set.

Station 1 Station 2 Station 3 Station 4
·   Block Webbs

·   Right/Left Step over (toe taps on a block)

·   Ski Burps

·   Mountain Climbers

·   Cinderblock curls

·   Squat s/ Medicine ball

·   WWI Sit up with sand filled PVC pipe

·   Hop-over

·   CDD

·   Squat with triceps extension (use PVC pipe)

·   Dying cockroach (use bricks)

·   Single line suicide

·   Jr. Manmaker (w/o the squat)

·   Squat Merkin

·   American Hammer (w/ dumbbell)

·   Jump ropes

The PAX were kind enough to help put the coupons in the back of my car. I checked my watch and we had a few minutes left. We had worked hard and no one wanted to be shortchanged. We headed to the covered picnic tables for some Mary.

  • Rainbow Abs – IC x 10
  • Flutter kicks – IC x 10
  • Crunchy frogs – IC x 10
  • Freddie Mercury – IC x 10
  • Decline Peter Parker – IC x 10



We offered prayers for Shrimpboat and his next mission trip in December; T-Square and his family – especially his son to continue fighting; Skittles (Don Buckner) and his son (Andrew) battling some health issues; I asked for prayers to a soccer teammate of my daughter: Alayna Hogston who incurred a staph infection and has been at Levine this week as doctors try to treat her. I’ve tried to EH her dad, Mike and one day he may post, but for now their family needs extra prayers. I included a special recognition for Brownstreak and Roscoe both celebrating respective anniversaries with their M’s. We all strive to be better husbands and having a partner to share our lives is a wonderful thing.

We covered 1.8 miles in short bursts and strengthened our bodies in different ways. The best part was our small group allowed friendly banter among us to learn a bit more about the guys that make up F3. Pat Squeaker on the back this week for posting 4 times the past week. He got after it today. Look for Private Benjamin in the Cramerton and Belmont AO’s – he is ready to work. Brownstreak was at the top of his game – pushing the pace. It was a great way to start the weekend. Until the next time. Aye.