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  • When: 08/25/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Dolph, Gomer, Roadie, Garfield, Sparky, Hydrant, Medicine Woman, Jedi(FNG), D-Belt(FNG)

Alright, sorry for the delay getting this BB up. It was a different feel rolling into the gloom considering Wednesday was nice and cool. It was pretty dang humid and lack of good air to breath may be an issue. Anyway, once Sparky finally rollls in, seven Folsom PAX are ready and along with 2, yes 2, FNGs!

Disclaimer, reiterated especially due to the humidity


SSH x20 IC, Monkey Humpers x20 IC, LBC x20 IC, Mountain Climbers x20 IC



mosey up to the tennis courts, line up, fast pace side steps slapping the ground and rotating sides at the end of each court continuing to the end of 6 courts finishing with 10 Buroees OYO, rinse repeat for the trip back with another 10 burpees. Mumble-chatter, And Dolph loudly excited yelling “good warmup!” No line up for some suicide merkins using the width of the six courts, 1 court and back for 7 merkins, 2 courts and back for 6, after the 4th court I realized that my “Ashbrook” math had resurfaced, but no complaints with the final run being all 6 courts and back for 2 rather than 1 merkin. Let’s mosey the running no trail around to the pond parking lot. Pick a parking stripe, and bear crawl across the painted stripe to the end for 10 twisted merkins, turn 180 bear crawl back for 10 more twisted merkins. Mosey down to the amphitheater for 20 Donkey Kicks OYO, elbow plank for 20 French Fries IC, 20 big boy sit-ups,  grab the short wall for 20 Dips IC. Mosey th long route around the lower parking lot and back up to the upper shelter. Step ups 12……16…….? Way to much distraction due to Gomer’s heavy footing on his bench sounding like a blacksmith shop. 20 Freddie Mercuries IC, 20 dips IC. Running short on time we mosey back up to the flag.

announcements, BBR, sign up for Q for September

Namorama taking time to name our 2 FNGs

COT, prayer for students and teachers headed back to school, continue to build strong leaders in our families and communities


Always an honor to Q you guys. When you have this kind of people around you, it’s much easier to get that motivation to go out and Push ThAt Rock! It’s always a blast and an encouragement everyday we meet for a good beat down!