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  • When: 08/04/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Ashpond, Floppy Disk, Slaw, Tooltime, Blart, Lil Sweet(Some of the time), Billy Madison, Ringo, Edison, Wilson(FNG 14yrs old)

I went out of town for a few days before I got to do this BB so it will be straight to the point. Of course that is what counts on this one anyway! 10 Pax and 1 FNG got a little surprise when they posted at Midoriyama.

Warmup: The usual stuff

Mosey to another parking lot where the flag and coupon awaited. Pledge. YHC explained my truck was going to be the coupon and that we would be taking turns pushing it 40′ where there would be exercises marked on the ground with chalk.

The Thang.

Partner up. Partner 1 pushes 40′ partner 2 steers and lets partner 1 know when he can stop then they switch. Once both are done they switch with another team. Meanwhile the other PAX run ahead to the 40′ mark to do the marked exercises until the truck arrives. We did this to one end and back. Exercises were:

Squats, Merkins, LBC, Calf raises, CDD, Lunges, Alabama ass kickers, Flutter kicks, ABC hop(hop out lettters AMAZE), Shoulder taps, Mason twist, Crab cakes, Hillbilly, Curb step ups.

Once round 1 was complete we moseyed to a  near by hill to meet a friend named Joe Hendricks! If you don’t know him look him up!

Back to the parking lot for another round. We couldn’t get a 3rd round in due to people blocking up our lot for softball practice. YHC decide it would be a god time to go back and talk to Joe one more time. At this point it was noticed that Lil Sweet seemed to be talking on his phone an awful lot? A little confused it was yelled there’s no phone time in F3! He said he was working but many questioned it.

So we moseyed over to the playground for 2 rounds of 10 pullups and one leg lunges. Mosey back to the start with enough time for some wall work.

5 hipslappers IC……hold it……5 Australian Mtn climbers IC and recover.

Circled up just in time for 45 seconds of burpees.

COT: I don’t remember a lot but we did name our FNG. Tooltime’s nephew down from the frosty climate of Buffalo. He was advised that this kind of thing wouldn’t work that far north but he is welcome to try. I’m pretty sure he thinks we’re idiots and will be telling the tale of the men of F3.

As usual great job again today guys. I hope everyone enjoyed. You all owe me for a detail job as my seat and door panel are quite gross!