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  • When: 8/6/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Hushpuppy
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Hushpuppy, Dolph, Mayor, Redskin, Sparky, Gumby, Gomer, and FNG Quatro

8 Men gathered at Folsom in Dallas NC for Hushpuppy’s “VQgina”.  More about that in a minute.  Most arrived at 6:15 ready to go but the wait until 6:30 gave time for the LIFO Sparky to arrive.  It was also good to see the Mayor again.  As the clock struck 6:30 and we pondered on the status of some weekly regulars who had not been coming on Saturdays, YHC led the pledge, and it was off on a short warm up mosey.

WU: Short mosey to the small amphitheater riddled with killer bees that survived extermination. Started with Plank-O-Rama, But YHC immediately remembered that he had neglected to give the disclaimer; a rookie mistake he dare not repeat.  After reminding the PAX they were private citizens in a public park and everything I said was a suggestion from an idiot, I suggested strongly they get back in their cars and go home.  They declined and the beat down began.  Right arm up, left arm up, (not at the same time) then hold the plank for Peter Parkers, arm taps, Parker Peters, then Merkins, all IC X 10 without ever leaving the plank position.  The mumble began about the time Parker Peters were called. During the plank YHC shared his thoughts on the first F, and how I first heard of F3.  After recovery, SSH x 15 IC, then Abe Vigoda’s (slow windmills for the less mobile of us) x 10 IC.  Then on the 6 for LBC’s and flutter kicks, both IC X 15, then on to Donkey kicks.  At this time, all PAX save 1 retreated a safe distance from the nest of stinging devils, but not Dolph.  He faced the tiny beast’s feet first performing his donkey kicks right beneath the nest.  They dared not attack and watched in awe as he performed the majestic assault on their fortress.

The Thang: Mosey to the picnic shelter at the far end of the lot for 15 Step ups on the picnic tables, followed by 15 dips.  YHC shared how Fellowship was a strong component of F3, and that all PAX should get involved in events other than just the workouts.  I shared of my own success and how the motivation and friendship of other members have motivated me to get stronger. We then repeated the step ups and dips and began another mosey to the next parking lot.  Around the lake, up the hill, fleet footed Gomer led the way with Dolph in hot pursuit.  Someone clocked them at almost 14 miles per hour while the rest of us slow moseyed to catch up.  Next parking lot, Planks, LBC’s, Flutter kicks X15 IC, then booyah merkins on the cart path with a partner, 10 OYO.  Then it was another mosey to some field that had several posts and water spigots sticking out of the ground.  Lunge walk to each post, then a burpee.  Repeat at each post until we reached some black trash barrel placed in the middle of the field (approx.: 10).  Then mosey to a hill for some 11’s.  Since YHC doesn’t like exercises that put his 6 above his head because it encourages merlot, I called Bobby Hurley’s at the top of the hill and merkins at the bottom.  FNG was holding strong so far but modified a bit as the morning caught up with him. The option to bear crawl the hill was given but as far as I know all declined.  Then it was mosey back to the tennis courts with Plank-O-Rama in the middle to catch our wind.  At this time there was 15 minutes left and the Weinke was near the end.  The last 2 things were “some sort of suicides on the tennis court” and “bring out Chewbacca”.  At the tennis courts: bear crawl across the first court, then run back.  Bear crawl, then run to the end of the second court, then run back.  This occurred across all 6 courts.  As we encouraged the 6, Dolph called an audible for those who had completed (flutter kicks I believe).  At this point there were 7 minutes remaining and all were winded so YHC shared on the sifter, and how men bond when they sweat together, but the greatest importance on the 3rd F. Then it was on to the parking lot to bring out Chewbacca.  Pulled out the phone, the Bluetooth speaker shaped like Chewbacca and played a song that basically said “get low” about 100 times, and we did squats and then merkins to the beat, holding the low point for as long as possible during the verses.

Exercises complete, it was time for Name-O-Rama.  YHC handed out waters and all were concerned as FNG chugged his very quickly.  After Name-O-Rama it became time to name the FNG and during the questioning he became quite pale and splashed Merlot.  While trying to settle on a name, Subway was considered (since his hospital name was Jared) but YHC declined this because of the pedophilic implications.  After his fourth spew, each time describing the contents, it was determined he would be called Cuatro.  All gave Cuatro a shout out because we have all been there, and encouraged him strongly to come back.

COT: prayers for our nation, for some friends and family suffering with cancer.

Oh, I forgot. 2 Electronic failures, Chewbacca the Bluetooth speaker never played, so the exercise just wasn’t the same through the phone without the bass line.  In the week leading up to my VQ I tweeted out “I’m VQing at Folsom” but didn’t notice the auto spelling of my phone typed “Vqgina at Folsom”.  It’s out in the Twitter-verse forever and Davinci nominated it to be added to the Lexicon.  We shall see.