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  • When: 07/09/2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: Dr. Feelgood
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Billy Madison, Spud, Woodstock, Rudolph, Outhouse, Easy Rider, Yo Adrian, Roscoe, Squirt, Blart, Ringo, Short Sale, JJ, Def Leppard, Ash Pond, Slaw, Hushpuppy, Dr. Feelgood

Warm up – SSH – IC X 25, Imperial Walker Squat (tried it, cadence weird) X 12, Merkins IC X 7, Seal Jacks IC x 20, Spine rotators / Spinal stretch, Mosey

Pledge with flag at half mast.  Special reflection on the police shootings in Dallas.

The Thang – Mosey up and across Garrison to wall at office building for donkey kicks and decline planking.  Mosey up steps and around building for step ups and derkins.  Divided into groups of four (I like groups of four because of the Four Horsemen back when wrestling was real). Mosey through church parking lot and onto field where we lined up against chain link fence for another round of donkey kicks.

The Real Thang – Coupons were presented for four different exercises to be completed in a round robin format. The group would do AMAP until the team on exercise one finished and yelled for folks to rotate.  Exercises as follows:

One: A really cool go-kart my kids wrecked into a bricked-in mail box  made a fantastic “push sled.” Group pushed up the 100 yard back driveway to the youth pad which has a nice slope.

Two: One team member sits, lies, or hangs on to a large dolly cart.  The rest of the team positioned half way up the hill on their six with a large rope extending to the cart.  Team member on the cart was then pulled up the hill.  The next person carried the cart and rope to the bottom, repeat until time to rotate.

Three: Small dolly cart racing.  On a different hill hands were placed on carts in plank position and PAX ran up the hill pushing the cart.  Mosey back down with cart held overhead.  Repeat.

Four:  Shoulder press with various items: trailer gate, metal ramps. When shoulders fatigued or while waiting for a coupon, PAX rested in the People’s Chair

*** Many of the PAX used their own creativity during Exercise 4 and started bicep curling the trailer.

Mosey to the front of the church with volunteers carrying the small dollies.  PAX divided in half and partnered.  First half did rolling wheelbarrows across the parking lot and switched for the ride back.  Other group did hip raises from the side, elbow plank position; one side then the other.  Groups switched.  Rinse and Repeat.

Mosey back to the AO for an ab medley, LBCs, Flutter kicks, Heels to Heaven, and Hello Dolly.


Morning began with an excellent Third F by Spud reminding us to “finish strong.” Don’t we all want to be able to echo Timothy’s words, “I have fought the good fight, I have kept the faith, I have finished the race.” Citing an achilles issue Spud warned that he might have to exit and list on the IR / DL.  Timothy’s words and several illustrations seemed to be the needed remedy and led to a “finished workout.”  Iron Sharpens Iron. Try to make the Third F when possible!

Circling to start the morning there was much chatter by those who did 87 burpees the prior day.  Personally, 88 is a much better stopping number so I didn’t understand the big deal, but promised a day with few merkins.  Disclaimer and such.  Put a little stretching into the warm up since the day had potential to do strange things to the back.

After warm up, seeing the flag at half mast was a sobering reminder of the risks our police officers take each day.  Sad clowns come in every size, shape, and color. This week’s tragedy may be an chance to bluntly EH someone who looks a little different, and, let the gloom build bonds.

The “burpee boys” of Friday’s downtown AO provided some mumble chatter as the shoulders were warmed up donkey kicks. Posting when Roscoe has given advance notice he “has a cold” and being surprised by the pain that follows, is akin to missing the connection between beans and gas.  Have you forgotten that MJ scored around 60 points including the game winner when he had the flu in the playoffs?

The second set of donkey kicks against the chain fence reminded YHC of college glory where I thought something was a sure thing, only to suddenly realize an unplanned reality check. The unsure footing increased the mumble-chatter once again.

The PAX embraced the new coupons, especially the downhill with the go-kart.  Seeing some of the 6’3″ plus PAX steering the go-Kart reminded YHC of Chris Farley in a sport coat!  Easy Rider lived into his F3 name by sailing smoothly up the hill on the rope tow.  Many struggled to stay straight which will result in a suggestion to resurface the parking lot at FPC for our comfort.

A number of the PAX started playing with the trailer used to transport the coupons.  To lift a car is supposed to represent some sort of frustration release.  Picking up a trailer could mean a number of things, but the other PAX wanted the bicep pump and soon ropes were attached and a new exercise was added.

The small dollies were supposed to fill some holes in next week’s office schedule, but no teeth were damaged.  Honestly, the dollies I liked and smooth concrete will be found for a future Q.  Yo Adrian made some painful sounding suggestions only to quickly backpedal. (You know, Rocky would never back down.)

Finished with COT, BOM.

YHC had a great time watching lots of smiles today (Slaw is one happy exerciser!)  18 at GasHouse, 18 at the Yank, 5 at Folsom.  I think we had four or five “respects” in the mix at GasHouse.  Badasses!  In total, 41 men in Gaston County taking the red pill. T-claps!

The PAX and YHC are mindful of T-Square and continue to lift him and all the family in prayer.  T-Squares kidney stone impressed the PAX as well and added to the chatter.  Many prayers for our country, freedom, and all those suffering / mourning in Dallas.

Thanks to Short Sale for helping with the coupons and Hushpuppy who somehow got pictures during the workout.  The region is accelerating!  Aye!