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  • When: 07/08/2016
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  • QIC: Roscoe
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  • PAX: Stroganoff, Slaw, Def Leppard (Respect), Scrum (FNG)(Hate), Kitty Cat (Hate), Madoff, Squirt, Hush Puppy, Easy Rider, Roscoe (Q), Rudolph

Earlier in the week E4 texted me and asked if I could take the Q from Spiderman for Friday morning.  How can you ever say no?  Friday mornings are always a great way to start the last day of the workweek and even though I had a great big head cold I put together a Weinke yesterday afternoon and felt like I had a plan.

YHC didn’t sleep much last night partly due to following the awful events in Dallas, aforementioned head cold, and the four pounds of my M’s delicious spaghetti I ate about 830 last night (don’t miss lunch or you will eat a big dinner).

Needless to say I was ready to go at 0530 and pumped to see some familiar faces and a few new ones and an FNG!  I shared a very brief disclaimer about no insurance, not a professional, blah blah blah and started with the warm up.

SSH/Prayer Squats/Merkins/LBC’s/Moroccan Night Club’s/Mountain Climbers

Pledge of Allegiance

We started with a long mosey running around downtown and when we headed towards the parking deck the mumble chatter started.  We ran around for a while and up to the top of the deck and back down to a floor for a mini-Murph.  Only two PAX were wearing red tshirts but that doesn’t prevent us for thinking of our vets that paid the ultimate price.

We worked in teams to complete 6 rounds of pullups, merkins, and squats:  30-90-120 total   I saw great support of men pushing each other, especially spotting the pullups.  Great effort on this but there was more to come.

We did flutterkicks until the 6 was ready to ascend to the top of the deck for…

The Thang:

Four count burpees? One advantage of not sleeping well is you “Omaha” (or “Oklahoma if you are Bandit) your Weinke in your head before you post.  YHC had the Pax in 4 groups of either two or three.  Groups one and two were parallel facing groups three and four.  Group one does a burpee and counts “one”.  Group two immediately does a burpee and counts “two”, group three does a burpee and counts “three”, and group four does a burpee and counts “one”.  So only group four counts the total after all the PAX have completed one burpee, and then two, etc.  YHC set the timer for 15 minutes and off we went.

The first ten burpees were fairly slow and the PAX were counting incorrectly for the first few until it sunk in that only group four counts the total.  After about ten fairly slow and boring burpees I conspired with Def Leppard and FNG Scrum to copy group three so when they said “three” we would be finishing and counting almost immediately.  This quickened the pace and then groups one and two picked up on it and with a little mumblechatter picked up the pace  and the recovery was almost non existent.  Def Leppard’s sweat droplets quickly pooled like a drip from a faucet and formed a large puddle.  There were some calls to Omaha but with YHC but the clock was ticking and no one knew when it would end except YHC.  There was a great push to keep going and no downtime.  After the fifteen minutes the PAX had completed 87 burpees and we only had three minutes to get back to start for the COT.  As the six neared the Pavilion it was time so we started the Nameorama.  I apologize for failing to get FNG Scrum’s information but we will get it on his second post, hopefully tomorrow!  I also didn’t get to share much of the F3 message because it was hard to breathe, but I know that Kitty Cat (hate) can fill him in.

Prayers for T-Square, the Dallas Police Department and public servants everywhere.

No matter how busy, sick, or otherwise preoccupied a good F3 workout kick starts the day in a positive way.  The 2nd F is built into every post and we finish with the 3rd.  Did it cure the common cold?  I am not sure, but I didn’t think about it for 45 minutes.  You are always better off for an F3 workout and I needed it today.

Stay safe