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  • When: 7/5/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Billy Madison
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Edison

As the afternoon rainstorm died down, I pulled into Poston Park the home of the proud, manliest men of Mt. Midoriyama. I arrive because I know that these men work out harder than most, no matter what stands in their way. Rain, or shine, blizzards or twisters – these men challenge me to put in the work and make myself better and stronger.

There is comfort in surrounding yourself with such a band of brothers, who you know you can always count on no matter…….wait! What’s going on??? Why is there no flag posted today? Where are all the vehicles? Where are all the manly men of Midoriyama???

Well, it’s still sprinkling. Perhaps they were worried about something running into their eyes…hmmmm…

Ok, just Edison (brand new to F3) and myself. Let’s do this!

The Thang:

Run in the rain for approx 40 minutes!


Hope our band of brothers is all safe in this terrifying summer sprinkle that prevented them all from attending today.