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  • When: 06/22/16
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Delinquent post apologies from YHC.  Ran over the dog and such … many excuses … now hard to remember what we did, but Q can make stuff up with the best.

Warm – up: SSH, etc. 8-Count body-builders I assume, cuz I usually like to.


Thang – Mosey to park stopping at boulder run with a burpee at each boulder.  Mosey to grassy area beside playground.  Someone happened to leave a heavy bag in the parking lot so we played plank ring around the rosey running around with the heavy bag.  Entered the playground and partnered up.  Half the pax had feet in the swings for knees to chest while partner did squats.  1 minute time AMAP.  Switch.  Next did “Flying squats / Supermans” with swings holding chest / belly.  Partner did curtsy lunges.  Switch.  Set of Jack Webbs to 10 followed by more squats.  Mosey back towards Pelicans picking up the heavy bag and working together to get it home.  Knee highs, butt-kickers, arm Chinooks, etc. along the route.  Stopped for additional sets of core exercises.

Moleskin – Nice core-focused work men!   Great to see some Saturday “regulars” posting during the week.  Regular posting = acceleration.