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  • When: 6-28-16
  • AO:
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Bob the Builder, Dr Feelgood (F3Gastonia), Flounder, Geppetto, The Hoff, Hoverround, Morpheus, Paperjam (F3SOB), THE Ratt, Sloppy Joe, Tiny Dancer, Ugly Stik, FNG Joe Dirt, FNG Yorktown, FNG Sleepless, FNG Junior,

16 pax started ITG. 17 finished. But more on that later. YHC led the pax to the Busted Grill(Respect) ropes and pull-up bars. But first things first.

Warm up
SSH IC x 25
Imperial Walkers IC x 25

Now the Thang.
Run 1 lap. Sprint on straight aways, recover on curves.
Option A- climb rope and slap top.
Option B- 5 pull ups
5 burpees.

Rinse and repeat, BUT each time you add 1 lap and 5 burpees.
If you reach 5 laps and 25 burpees, walk the ladder back down.
Don’t forget your rope climb or 5 pull ups each time.

Welcome Paperjam from F3SonsofBallentine, and Dr. Feelgood from F3Gastonia. Dr Feelgood brought 2 FNGs from Chucktown. Yorktown and JoeDirt. We expect to hear about you posting in Charleston. Hoff brought FNG (Chad Lyon) Sleepless, and he pulled a Flying EH on a sad clown who happened to be at the track. FNG (Scott Holzwarth) is now Junior, as in The Hoff Jr. Thanks for all of the guests and FNGs. Thanks for the opportunity to get stronger and for the men/women on the front lines.

YHC worked hard to come up with something that would work for FNGs and bust the balls of our rabbits. This one seemed to work pretty well. Dr Feelgood was in the lead for FNGS with 2, however Hoff improvised and overcame with a flying EH that worked to perfection. On each lap Hoff worked a little conversational magic on the sad clown in the curve. Then on the final lap, with the charm and subtlety of a sledgehammer, Hoff helped Junior evolve from sad clown to joining the BOM in a matter of minutes. Tclaps to Hoff and Dr Feelgood. Paper jam, you fessed up about being in town all week. Now you are locked in. Expect to see you tomorrow Hugh MacRae Park. Everyone pushed hard and gave it their all. Each of you are faster today, than you were yesterday. #gettingstronger #Ironsharpensiron Thanks for the honor and privilege to lead today.

-LETC out