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  • When: 06/18/2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: Roscoe/Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Stroganoff, Quiche, Tool Time, Fresh Prince, Freight, Brown Streak, Loverboy, Edison, Fonda, Outhouse, Radar, Bandit, Roscoe, Sargento, Magnus (FNG)

It was week two of the new AO in the beautiful town of Belmont. Several of the PAX arrived much earlier for some BRR training but when I got there Tool Time was picking up trash from the park near the “Fighting Yank” statue.  Ever since this #HIM from Buffalo heard the name “Fighting Yank” he has adopted the AO as his own and grown more comfortable among the simple commoners of the South.

The rest of the PAX arrived and the flag was planted and it was time to go.  Sargento and Roscoe planned a tag team workout where each would only get one mosey or exercise before it was time to tag in the man in the corner.

There was Chamber of Commerce weather for once this week with a cool breeze and balmy temps.  It was time to go.


Warm Up

SSH                  Sargento

Squats             Rosco

LBC’s               Sargento

CDD’s              Rosco

Don Quiote’    Sargento

We forgot to mention the “Engineer”…when a train comes by the Q will announce the exercise with preference of something difficult while the train passes by.  Since it was week two only 5 merkins were called for  but would we see a train?

Mosey to Glenway Pub parking lot-Roscoe

High knees out-butt kickers back-Sargento


Bear Crawl up, crab walk back-Sargento

Lunge Walk up, hop back-Rosco

F3 lessons-Sargento

Mosey on up the street to the bank- Rosco

Burpee Long jumps along the parking spaces…. Rosco

Recovery Talk about F3-

Plank series-Sargento

Slow Merkins

Peter Parker

Mountain Climbers

Parker Peter

Mosey up the street find hit the wall for a “wall series”.  We counted off and realized there were two missing.  Tool Time was checking on the six and someone may have announced that someone was splashing merlot?

To wait for the six YHC asked Stroganoff to lead us in some flutters, because everyone knows Stroganoff loves Flutters.  We did a lot of flutters.

Hit the wall for donkey kicks, two sets-Roscoe

Hip Slappers in honor of Whoopee

Decline merkins with BTW

F3 lesson-Roscoe?

Mosey back to the “Yank” for the Pledge- Sargento…Along the way we had to stop to admire the special at Cherubs….”Quiche”.  How appropriate.

Mosey to the Fountain in the park for railroad tracks….Sargento

Railroad tracks were fun until there was much more holding the plank than running so had to call time.

Mosey to the field behind Belmont Elementary- Rosco

Circle Up for Escalator-Sargento

10 Bobby Hurley’s

20 Zombie Walk steps

30 Arm Taps

40 squats

Back to the flag for some Mary until time.  Rosco

There had been no trains until that point and someone started complaining about it so after we were on our six we had to call for some burpees and then LBC’s, V-hold, and Dying Cockroaches, and flutters.

We closed with a nameorama and welcomed Edison back for week two and our FNG “Magnus”.

It was fun collaborating with Sargento on the workout.  The Belmont AO is going to be awesome because there are so many parks/playgrounds/parking lots/ and fields within about a 1/4 mile of Stowe Park.

Congratulations to Godfather who became a married man this evening.  The Gashouse PAX have been holding you and your M in our prayers.

Closed with a tag team prayer for all the PAX of F3 Nation especially Olive and Spud.

I gave “Freed to Lead” and a sticker to Magnus and handed out an invite and card to a guy running with by with his wife.  Sargento has EH’d approximately twenty people in the last week and it will no doubt pay off in the future .  Keep moving forward and getting better and look for opportunities to serve.