• Post Type:
  • When: 06/17/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Dr. Feelgood
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Hushpuppy, Roscoe, Bandit, Squirt, Spiderman, Huckleberry, Sargento, Quiche, Dr. Feelgood

Red pill prescriptions were the Dr. Feelgood promise and 9 PAX answered the invite to the downtown gloom.


30 ic SSH, 12 ic Merkins, Arm Circles (reverse, hang out, feel burn), 10 ic 8-count body builders (Burpee with a plank jack)

Pledge of Allegiance


Mosey west until finding nice hill for 11s (merkins at the bottom, CCDs at the top)

Wall until six arrives, set of slow and low squats

Mosey to the post office and work the steps

Mosey toward Franklin.  During this mosey we were passed by a garbage truck which followed by some wind bringing the dumpster funk on this delightful summer morn.  The odor seemed to follow the PAX like a stalker ex-girlfriend that needs a FiA group.  Leading from the front YHC heard a massive heave and waited for the Merlot to splatter the ground.  Another heave and still no productive finish.  I thought to myself … almost like a Kanye West concert … a bunch of loud, attention grabbing noise, but the show may or may not actually occur.  Or, as my momma would say, much to do about nothin’.  Q changed the planned route in the search for fresh air.  On Franklin Blvd. we turned back east stopping along the way for Monkey jumpers, calf raises, She Hate Me (just for you Whoopee), various core exercises, another set of 11s (scissors) over the front church steps (modified).  Mosey.  Magical elastic coupons were waiting as we approached the AO headquarters.  Circuit with 9 stations.  10 reps each and move quickly.  Mix of jump rope, seated rows, and dips.  Made it back to the flag with just enough time for side plank raises ic 12 each side.

Finished with COT.  Prayers lifted for Spud in Fort Mill, Godfather

Thank you gentlemen!  It was a privilege to Q today.  Anyone that wants a really easy workout on Saturday, Sargento has the Q in Belmont.  Quiche will be there … probably run 10 – 12 miles after the easy workout.