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  • When: 06-15-16
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  • QIC: Outhouse
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  • PAX: D-Fib, Linus, Breeder , Short Sale, Brownstreak, Hushpuppy, Squirt, Da Vinci, JJ, Sargento, Monk

Started out with the disclaimer and an additional one that this workout would be repetitive and if you don’t like it the Y is down the street. With no one leaving we got started with the warm up.

Warm Up

Flutter Kick x 30 IC

SSH x20 IC


All warmed up it was time for a mosey. We took off in the humidity down Union to the State Employees Credit Union. Upon arrival of the 6 we started the thing. There are 7 ATM Machines with in 1/2 mile of Martha’s House.  Today at each ATM we made a CASH withdrawal.

Each time we reached a machine the following exercise were preformed.


5 Burpees OYO

C  Crunch x 20

A Arm Taps X 20

Squat X 20

H Hip Slappers X 20  a couple times we dropped to 10 on the Hip Slappers due to insufficient funds in the Q’s account. We also threw in some Donkey Kicks (Brownstreak calls them Honkey Kicks)

We made it through 5 machines before we ran out of time. We did the Pledge  threw in an extra set of Hip Slappers and finished up with some Flutter Kicks IC just as we ran out of time.


Great work by all and the PAX did a good job in the humidity.  I think we have a number of these days a head of us.


Prayer Request


Monk- Sister-in-law

Sargento- Co-Worker Wife

Da Vinci- Mother on recent Cancer Diagnosis


Always a pleasure