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  • When: 06/16/16
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  • QIC: Tool Time
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  • PAX: Def Leppard, Slaw, Floppy Disk, Freight, Billy Madison, McEnroe, Blart, Huckleberry, Pizza Man, Bandit, Tool Time

Excellent work today by all the PAX! it was extremely hot and downright misrelable at Midoryama today but a record setting 11 PAX showed up to beat the heat! Special shout out to Huckleberryfor his second Post of the day! very impressive work sir.



SSH- 15 IC

Merkins – 10 IC

Squats- 10 IC


The Thang:

On your Six Gents…. a Midoriyama PAX favorite  Core time by Tool Time!

Freddie Mercury’s arms up– 25 forward 25 Backward

Wide led Sit-ups – 25

Fifer Scissors ( slow count) – 25

Hip Rock and Raise- 25

V-up/Roll-up – 25

Oblique V-ups- 25 Right /25 Left

Mosey to Hamburger Hill for the McEnroe Special…….requests by McEnroe were hill sprints,Burpees, Pull-ups and a mosey…who was I to disappoint!

3 Hill Sprints with 5 Burpees at the top- (down and back counts as 1) this was horrible!~

Mosey to the …

(short detour) forgot one core exercise …25 Hip rock and raises!)

Mosey to Flag – Pledge……then mosey to playground

40 pull-ups _10- regular, 10 chin up, 10 close grip, 10 Vaulter (switch grip at 5)

50 Merkins _ 10 regular, 10 military, 10 wide, 20 diamond

Mosey to Concession wall….one min wall sit ( very relaxing)….then back to the flag…

Pizza Man called out 10 plank punches

McEnroe called out 10 Peter Parkers

Frieght didn’t disappoint  called out 10 Burpees OYO!!!!

finished with 30 sec alt high low plank !



Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.

As always It was an honor to lead today men!

Tool Time